Jecca Blac Celebrates ALL Makeup Wearers

Jessica Blackler

Jecca Blac creates makeup for all genders, sexualities, expressions, abilities, pronouns, shapes and sizes.

Jecca Blac was founded in 2018 by Jessica Blackler, who started her journey towards creating the brand back in 2015. Having trained in makeup for film and television, Jessica’s expertise was rooted in industry standard techniques, used on set to transform people’s faces.

From prosthetic techniques to contouring, Jessica found her knowledge on altering a person’s features to be a fully transferable skill for daily use. With that realisation, she decided to convert a room, at her family home in Cardiff, to a makeup studio.

Jessica was then able to offer a safe and confidential space for people who wanted to experiment and learn about makeup for the first time. 

Among her clients were trans women and people assigned male at birth who wanted to explore their femininity in a judgement-free setting, with the aim of gaining professional techniques for adapting and feminising their facial features. 

With a rapidly growing transgender client base, Jessica realised the shortcomings of the beauty industry. 

Mainstream cosmetic brands were overlooking the needs of people who were developing this knowledge, and makeup collection, from scratch, often later in life. They needed user-friendly products that catered to the specific needs of someone who wanted to feminise their face. 

Jessica’s allegiance to the transgender community made a local newspaper – a copy of which made it into Parc Prison, a B-grade correctional facility of 2,000 prisoners in Bridgend, Wales. 

A prisoner handed the newspaper clipping to an officer, who then contacted Jessica to see if she’d be interested in providing a makeup lesson to transitioning prisoners, who hoped to claim full autonomy on their expression once their sentence was complete.

Jessica began volunteering makeup lessons on a regular basis, providing community and knowledge to her newly discovered students. 

Related Products

With her wealth of experience in supporting the trans community, Jessica was encouraged by clients to create a brand that offered solutions through product and education. 

The first product launched was the Correct & Conceal Palette – a duo product containing a colour corrector and concealer formulated with the needs of someone who wants to conceal beard shadow in mind. 

A long wearing, build-able product that also guarantees coverage on dark under eye circles, acne and scarring, our Correct & Conceal Palette went on to win ‘Best Concealer Of 2020’ at the Beauty Bible Awards this year (2020).

Jessica Blackler, Jecca Blac

To ensure Jecca Blac is meeting the needs of their customers, they host a focus group, made up of some of Jessica‚Äôs prior home studio clients. The diverse group gives feedback to the brand about products during development stages.

From our product conception to campaign launches, we always design our cruelty-free products with the needs of our trans customers in mind. We strive to continue to serve the community in any way we can, and will always encourage our customers to embrace their uniqueness by providing the tools necessary to live life as their most authentic selves.”

Jessica Blackler, Founder of Jecca Blac.

Jecca Blac also hosted their first ‘Trans Festival’ in February – a day-long London gathering, which is set to be an annual event for the trans community to come together, hear guest speakers, test makeup, and present, as they wish, in a safe space.

All Jecca Blac products are vegan, cruelty free and are designed with all makeup wearers in mind.

You can find out more about Jecca Blac here.