Beauty Kitchen Launches Refillable Hand Sanitizer – Supplies Government

Jo Chidley, the Founder of Beauty Kitchen

Sustainable beauty pioneers, Beauty Kitchen recently launched their refillable ‘Organic Vegan Hand Sanitiser Spray’ as an alternative to single use plastic hand sanitiser gel bottles, with a similar mission in mind to Ocean Bottle, which we featured on here, recently.

It is estimated that the UK will use over 1 billion bottles of hand sanitiser this year, with the bottles generally being composed of single use plastics. Only 9% of plastic is recycled worldwide, with the rest being discarded to landfill, or in the ocean.

Beauty Kitchen’s new spray is cruelty free and contains no microplastics. It comes in a 50ml spray bottle, alongside a 500ml refill.

Where soap and water are not available, this is an effective sanitiser made with 62% alcohol, high-grade antibacterial essential oils including peppermint, and soothing aloe vera – perfect for refilling at home. The high alcohol content means that the components stay hygienic.

Due to their innovations, the brand recently announced that they are officially supplying the Scottish Government with 50,000 units of hand sanitiser for use in the NHS, social care and other key services.

Their hand sanitiser will be distributed in refillable bottles as part of Beauty Kitchen’s ‘Return – Refill – Repeat’ programme. 

An arrow, leading round in a circle, with the words "Return-Refill-Repeat" above it.

The empty bottles can be returned to Beauty Kitchen to be washed, and reused for the next batch – sustainability at it’s finest.

Beauty Kitchen, which was founded in 2014, is the only beauty company in the world with a successful closed-loop system, like this, that is making a big difference within the beauty industry, and now in the public sector as well.

“As a B-Corp certified business, sustainability and giving back are at the core of everything we do. When The Scottish Government asked us if we could help with any critical supplies for the NHS, we worked double time to make it happen.

Not only have we provided an effective solution for them, but one that is also sustainable and included in our ‘Return – Refill – Repeat programme. We want to pass on a massive thank you to all our supply partners, and everyone involved in the creation of the hand sanitiser within such a short space of time. 

The current situation we are in is a complicated one of course, but we’re incredibly proud of how everyone has come together to support one another.

Jo Chidley, the Founder of Beauty Kitchen

Impressively, Beauty Kitchen have also partnered with Holland & Barrett in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands and Belgium on their revolutionary ‘Return · Refill · Repeat’ sustainable packaging programme.

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Over 1000 stores now accept Beauty Kitchen empties for reward points, including the first Beauty Kitchen Refill Station in Boots’ ‘Store of the Future.’

The brand donated over 230,000 units of their products to the NHS and charities including In Kind Direct, and the London Ambulance Service. Their rather large gift included full-sized products, as well as hand cream sachets –  a hygienic way of caring for the hands of NHS staff.

Founder Jo Chidley is originally a chemist by trade. Widely regarded as one of the pioneers of sustainable beauty, Jo is driving the beauty industry forward with better practises. She does this by inspecting everything, including the efficacy of the products, the way the ingredients are sourced; and the packaging sustainability.

From the start, Beauty Kitchen has followed Bill McDonough and Michael Braungart’s Cradle to Cradle principles so that everything they produce fits into the circular economy. 

“it is important that we produce sustainable packaging of course, but to also ensure there are no plastics in our formulas when creating the product inside. Customers aren’t often aware of the ingredients in their products, let alone in their hand sanitiser. Our Hand Sanitiser Spray contains zero microplastics, as with every other Beauty Kitchen product.

Jo Chidley, Founder of Beauty Kitchen

As well as being the Founder of Beauty Kitchen, Jo is also a sustainability expert and a herbal botanist. Jo has won industry awards, including the ‘Who’s Who in Natural Beauty’ and business awards, such as the ‘Scale Up Entrepreneur of the Year.’

She achieved ‘Leaping Bunny’ and ‘Zero Plastics Inside’ certification for all Beauty Kitchen products, meaning their entire range contains no microplastics and is cruelty free. Jo has also secured registration with The Vegan Society for over 95% of their products.

The brand gives 1% of all Beauty Kitchen sales to fund campaigns that aim to ban microplastics in all beauty products and reduce beauty packaging waste for cleaner oceans and less plastic waste.

Jo has also given her time to present and pioneer sustainability at numerous industry events, including InCosmetics Global; UK Packaging Forum; and The Formulation Summit. She is also a founding member of the Sustainability & Naturals in Cosmetics board.

Other Beauty Kitchen product ranges include skincare, hair care, bath and body.

You can find out more about Beauty Kitchen here.