How Performance Nutrition Brand, EXALT Is Shaking Up The Functional Food Market

EXALT's 'Chillded AF', 'Frestarter' and 'Better than botox' meal replacements.

Performance nutrition brand, EXALT is shaking up the functional food market with their launch collection.

EXALT is the brainchild of Charlie and Dan who both have a life-long passion for food, fitness and well-being.

The company started in late 2019 with a burning ambition to create fast nutrition, consumed on-the-go, without compromising on quality or taste. They consulted with scientists, nutritionists and taste experts for each product – to develop a menu that fuels physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Their initial range consists of five all-natural, protein-packed, fresh ‘Smart Food’ meal replacements and three ‘Life Support’ cold-pressed juices. The products are designed to support an active, healthy, on-the-go lifestyle. Each ingredient has been carefully selected to promote health, maximise performance and tastes spectacular, without the need for artificial additives or preservatives.

The lunch range, which launched on the 3rd of August, is made by hand in Hackney, East London.

As well as having a relentless focus on developing an exceptional nutritional product, EXALT has made ‘Conscious Consumption’ and sustainability a core focus. 

Its sustainability framework – developed with the brand’s sustainability advisor, Ro Huntriss from Sancroft International – ensures total transparency along the supply chain, as well as a commitment to giving back to communities – both locally, in Hackney, and Ghana where EXALT sources its organic cacao.

Ro Huntriss, EXALT’s resident Nutritionist and lead clinical Dietician possesses an advanced knowledge of food helped to craft formulations perfectly to have the right balance of taste, substance and nourishment. 

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‘‘The three-phase release of protein appeals to me, especially when I’m concentrating on my fitness goals, because it is simply the best combination. The products are all high-quality and ethically sourced, which for me is an important consideration.

I opt for the energy and immunity complex when I want to kick-start my day or my afternoon. It can give both a physical and mental boost, and on some days, a boost is just what we need. In addition to the caffeine, the ingredients have been carefully selected to make this complex a nourishing one.’’

Ro Huntriss, EXALT’s resident Nutritionist and lead clinical Dietician

Other experts involved in EXALT include fitness expert, Mckenzi Sager, Sustainability Adviser – Felix Gummer, and wellness and well-being ambassador, Kim Hartwell. All experts regularly contribute thought pieces to EXALT’s blog, ‘the Journal.’

‘‘EXALT is the perfect pick for people looking for nutritious options whilst on-the-go. I love that there are so many great flavours and how each bottle is packed full of genuinely amazing nourishing foods. In an industry that’s overloaded with misguided “healthy” products, EXALT is a wonderful example of transparent, well thought out (not to mention somehow incredibly delicious!) healthy products in the truest sense of the word. In an increasingly fast-paced world with people short of time, this new collection from EXALT means proper nutrition doesn’t have to suffer as a result of convenience eating.’’

Kim Hartwell, Wellness and Wellbeing ambassador at EXALT

To ensure the EXALT lifestyle can be a sustained way of living, the team has created product ‘bundles’ to power customers’ day-to-day for the long term. 

You can find out more about EXALT here.