SLYK: Beautiful Products For Your Home

SYLK products: Apple product tablet and phone holders/chargers.

SLYK™ applies innovation and design experience to create a beautiful collection of Apple Certified charging stations and stands for your iPad and iPhone. 

In 2015, Adrian Maile started to sketch out ideas for products that he wished he already owned — products that would make using smartphones and tablets easier, more enjoyable and more comfortable.

As a large, extended family, his home was becoming overrun with devices and their charging cables. Phones and tablets covered every surface, and it was hard to find a free wall socket — even to boil the kettle. 

Charging cables would frequently fail, break or simply disappear. Forever being moved and ‘borrowed,’ everyone started to write their initials on things to try and create some order and boundaries, but they still went missing. 

These expensive and treasured devices often got knocked onto hard floors and damaged — or completely broken. At one stage, almost every device had a cracked screen, but continued to be used because the repairs were too expensive.

During that frustrating time, Adrian started to shop around for solutions, but all of the products he found either broke easily, didn’t work properly, or were ridiculously expensive. He wanted to find a solution, so he sat down and thought about what the problems really were and how he might solve them.

The results of nearly five years of design and development work are shown within the SLYK Collection – a Pillow Stand, a Bathroom Stand, a Table and Wall Stand, a Floor Stand and a Charging Station.

“I believe that the ‘SLYK Collection’ will be popular with everyone who owns a smartphone or tablet, particularly for families, but also professionals for use at work and for companies who want to offer their employees practical and productivity-enhancing technology. I believe we have created products that fit into a new category that we call ‘SmartWare.’ Simple technology that makes using modern phones and tablets easier and more pleasurable.

Adrian Maile, Founder of SLYK

Since launching, SLYK have won multiple awards, have been featured on BBC Click, have a patent pending Pillow Stand, and they’ve been published in multiple magazines — including Hello!, S Magazine, Sunday Express, Daily Telegraph, Women’s Fitness Magazine, Health & Well-being Magazine, and Psychologies Magazine.

Stylish, and sleek, as their name implies (and practical) — all SLYK products are skilfully engineered, easy-to-use, long lasting, and crafted to complement your home decor.

The Pillow Stand

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Innovation meets comfort with the SLYK Pillow Stand. Providing a secure stand for tablets and smartphone devices, secured by an adjustable strap to any pillow or cushion, it becomes the ultimate stand for holding your device while you unwind. 

The Table & Wall Stand

Designed to be used on any table, desk or worktop; devices are held in place using a revolutionary Nano Suction material. Its base is made from reinforced silicone, which is safe and smooth, and forms the perfect place to store pens, coins and watches while using the device. 

Bathroom Stand

An elegant, smooth, non scratch tablet and phone stand which allows you to use your smart device in the bathroom, or anywhere that demands a secure hold on the device. 

The Floor Stand

When you need an elevated holding position, the SLYK iPhone and iPad floor stand provides the perfect support for your smart device .

Family Charging Station

Charge up to six phones and two other devices simultaneously with the elegant and robust SLYK Apple charging station. Match to your home decor with a range of contemporary designs in All Black; White and Walnut trim; or Champagne Marble.

Starting from £38.00, you can shop the collection at