Caleño: The Tropical, Non-Alcoholic Spirit, Bringing Joy To “Not Drinking”

A bottle of 'Caleño Juniper & Inca Berry Non-Alcoholic Free Spirit'

Caleño is a tropical non-alcoholic spirit, inspired by Colombia’s colourful, energetic and vibrant culture, that makes “not drinking,” a joyful experience.

A bottle of ‘Caleño Juniper & Inca Berry Non-Alcoholic Free Spirit,’ consists of a tropical infusion of juniper, citrus and spice botanicals — sugar-free, sweetener-free, allergen-free, and is made with no artificial flavours. It comes in 20cl, 50cl or 70cl bottles — the 50cl also has a gift box option.

Caleño is steam distilled in stainless steel drums. Its’ key ingredient, and signature garnish, is the South American Inca berry — sweet, yet tangy with pineapple and citrus fruit flavours.

The brand was founded by Ellie Webb (29), who was frustrated by the lack of choice in the alcohol-free drinks market. She was hugely inspired by the vibrant and energetic culture of her Colombian Mother’s homeland and set out to combine the sunny South America lust for life with her zesty and tropical non-alcoholic ‘free spirit.’

The company is named after “Los Caleños,” the people of Cali — a Colombian city famed for its Salsa dancing.

Since launching, the brand has gotten off to an incredible start and are forecasting sales of 10k bottles over the next few months. June 2020 was one of their best months, behind Christmas and Dry January — Amazon sales, alone, grew by 330%.

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“Lockdown has not been easy for any business, but we’ve spent the last 4 months really focused on finding our rightful place. Within the pressures of lockdown, we found people wanted to unwind at the end of their day, but not necessarily turn to alcohol. Here is where we discovered our way to bring more joy. Receiving lovely emails from customers telling us how Caleño has got them through Lockdown, really makes it all worth it. Every day the team starts the morning with a smile on their face.

Ellie Webb, Founder of Caleño

Caleño will soon also be available at Wetherspoons, Revolucion de Cuba, Hippo Inns, The Florist, Homeslice, D&D London and The City Pub Group.

Caleño is available from Sainsbury’s, Amazon and on their website at