smol Launches Super Concentrated, Animal Fat-Free Fabric Conditioner

High-performance laundry brand, smol, have just launched a super-concentrated fabric conditioner, that is completely free of animal fat.

smol launched in March 2018, when the founders – Nick and Paula became frustrated whilst trying to find a laundry detergent that was both eco-friendly, and performant. They found that the laundry industry had barely innovated in 100 years, so they decided to create smol laundry capsules.

smol’s laundry capsules are a highly concentrated, eco-friendly and effective laundry capsule, that are small enough to be delivered through the door. The brand also suppliers dishwasher capsules, along the same lines.

With hundreds of thousands of customers, over a million washes a week and more than 15,000 5-star reviews, it’s no wonder that smol is the fastest growing laundry brand in the UK.

A key ingredient of most fabric conditioners, offered by the big brands, is tallow — rendered fat from cows, horses and sheep. smol are expanding their existing range by introducing a fabric conditioner that doesn’t contain animal products, and conforms to their previous commitment to being eco-friendly and performant.

smol fabric conditioner is available in a compact twin pack, providing enough doses for 128 washes. Each dose is so concentrated that you only need 8ml, which means one pack could last up to five months. Simply dose into the machine drawer, using the clever pump dispenser.

smol’s uniquely concentrated formula reduces transport emissions, which is one of the biggest problems with transporting liquids. The bottles are made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic, hence the wonderful grey colour, and are 100% recyclable.

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smol also offers a returns scheme, where empties can be returned to smol for re-use. By way of thanks, smol will donate 24 laundry washes to charities, such as The Hygiene Bank, for every 4 bottles returned.

Existing customers were able to pre-order the new, Leaping Bunny certified, vegan-friendly fabric conditioner from the 22nd of June, and now, new customers can sign up for a smol fabric conditioner subscription too.

When signing up to smol fabric conditioner, just a few quick questions will determine how often you’ll need your twin pack delivered directly to your door. 

It looks set to prove just as convenient to households, up and down the UK, as smol dishwash and laundry deliveries are, with the additional perk that there is no need to waste cupboard space on bulky bottles of fabric conditioner.

“With our busy lives, laundry, and particularly shopping for laundry detergent, is hardly something the majority of us look forward to! Having seen how the industry has barely innovated in over a hundred years we launched smol to take the hassle out of washing for families whose laundry needs have been ignored for decades. We want to give everyday people like us one less thing to worry about, while keeping a keen focus on sustainability and affordability.

Paula Quazi, Co-founder of smol

You can find out more about smol here.