Phox Water Launches the World’s Most Eco-Friendly Water Filter

Phox filter and refill packs

Phox Water has launched the world’s most eco-friendly water filter, which features a revolutionary refillable cartridge. 

In the pursuit of clean and tasty water, more than 100 million single-use plastic filter cartridges go to landfill each year. In 2019, Phox decided to put an end to that by creating the first refillable filter cartridge — simply open the cartridge and pour in the fresh filter granules.

Phox has focused on having low C02 emissions, from manufacturing through to delivery. The ability to simply refill your filter cartridge after each cycle, combined with their eco letterbox friendly packaging, means V2 customers contribute 75% less CO2, filtering their water, when using Phox, over a traditional filter.

To achieve such a low carbon footprint, Phox use recycled cardboard in their packaging, organic PLA in their refill sachets and manufacture the product within a 50 mile radius of their office in Glasgow. 

The last mile of delivery, for the individual refill packs, is made more efficient as they fit through a standard letterbox, cutting down on missed deliveries and second attempts.

While some more traditional filter companies have recycling schemes in place, this does not guarantee that every filter will be recycled. The onus is still on the customer to take their used filter to their nearest recycling point. 

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However, reusability is built into the Phox V2, with its refillable design, guaranteeing no cartridges go to waste. This also circumvents all of the steps required in transporting products back to a central recycling centre, before the actual recycling process can even begin.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the product was launched for general sale in Q1 this year. Since then, they have seen sales grow by 500%. Phox is also delighted to have sealed an exclusive retail partnership with Selfridge’s, the high-end department store.

“Partnering with a huge brand like Selfridge’s and being part of a campaign to promote products and business practices that can help in the climate emergency is hugely important and something we are extremely proud of.” 

Scott Dickson, founder of Phox

You can find out more about Phox here.