Dock & Bay: Reinventing The Traditional Towel

A lady shaking out a Dock & Bay towel.

Dock & Bay was founded by Andy (UK) and Ben (Australia) in 2015. The brand has taken the traditional towel and completely reinvented it for the better.

Dock & Bay towels are made from a unique polyester/polyamide material that has endless benefits over the traditional towel, including being: quick-drying, highly absorbent, compact when folded, sand free and they don’t collect damp smells. 

After the success of the towels, in May 2018 they moved on to a range of swim shorts, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. In a campaign they call ‘Doing Our Bit’, they reduce their ecological impact each year, as they grow.

Dock & Bay’s product range has also broadened in other places over the last few years, releasing their beach ponchos, for children and adults, hair wraps, cooling towels, and awesome new designs, with many more exciting new products and styles in the pipeline.

The first 100% recycled towel was released in late 2019, with plans for the new material to be introduced into all ranges by the end of 2020.

“Continuing on our sustainability journey is key for us. By the end of 2020, our whole production will be using our new material made from post-consumer plastic. It will take a little time for stock to get in our customers hands, but it’s a big step for us and another helping hand for the planet.

Andy & Ben, founders of Dock & Bay

Andy and Ben were avid travellers, with endless adventure in them, but with limited space to carry things.

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They quickly realised that traditional towels were too big and bulky for travel and travel towels were too small and dull so they decided to make a towel that fitted their needs — something they would love. If no one else was going to, why not do it themselves?

Their towels are now used worldwide, by people with a similar problems to the ones they had: backpackers, gym enthusiasts, people doing yoga, families with limited packing space and many more.

“Logistically, we’ve grown too, with warehouses in the US, Canada, Australia, and in the UK as well as distributors in New Zealand, Philippines, and Japan.

Andy & Ben, founders of Dock & Bay

To do some more good, on top of what they are already doing, they give 5% of their net profits to charities and good causes. This year, it’s the Whale and Dolphin Conservation and One Tree Planted.

You can find out more about Dock & Bay here.