Pep & Lekker: Tasty Nutritious Plant-Based Snacks

A selection of seed snacks

Pep & Lekker’s ‘Seed Snacks’ dispel the long-standing urban myth that all-natural, better-for-you snacking means selling out your taste buds to snacks devoid of imagination, appetite appeal or bold, wholehearted flavours. 

With Pep & Lekker, they have shown that that is not true.

The UK snacking sector has long been crying out for a healthy, low calorie, nutritious, convenient and flavourful snack. Pep & Lekker and their 5-strong Seed Snacks selection of highly nutritious plant-based snacks – bristle with full-bodied flavours and healthy convictions. 

Made in small thoughtful batches, at a specialist Dorset bakery, Seed Snacks offers magnificently moreish, allergen-free treats packed with beneficial protein, seeds and wholesome ingredients from nature’s larder, that actively support good gut health whilst providing a generous dash (1/3rd) of your daily fibre needs.    

Jam-packed with enviable Omega 3’s and beneficial nutrients, the products remain low in carbs and sugar. 

Forbes, The Guardian, Wholefoods and Waitrose are just a few of the esteemed foodie soothsayers who’ve identified plant based/vegan as one of the leading ‘hot’ trends of 2020, a vocal minority food movement driven, not simply by the meat-free fraternity, but by health-conscious flexitarians.

Seed Snacks are an accredited vegan society range. Today there’s an alarming abundance of sub-standard vegan snacks that are either overtly processed or loaded with ‘lazy fillers.’

Although Seed Snacks are proud of their responsible calorie counts (each is less than 130 calories), low calories in isolation isn’t the goal. The bigger issue is eating the right food (whole grains over refined grains), thereby reducing dependence on ‘health impacting’ salt and sugar. 

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Co-Founder, Susan Gafsen’s initial motivation to succeed was for the sake of her ‘lazy,’ vegan son, who was making poorly informed dietary decisions that were starting to impact on his health. Susan’s vision was to find credible vegan options that could be enjoyed by the rest of the family. 

Unfortunately, the more she rooted around, the more disillusioned she became with the largely underwhelming plant-based snacking options, where back-of-pack ingredient decks were frequently riddled with either implausible health claims or unrecognisable synthetic ingredients. 

Having worked at two of the City’s most prestigious global law firms, for over 25 years, Susan had spent significant swathes of her time listening to and advising ambitious entrepreneurs about their various pioneering business visions. Susan thought the moment had now arrived to walk the walk.

The brand has already won various awards, including:

  • 2018 Voted ‘Star of Tomorrow’ at Vegfest
  • 2018 Endorsed by Vegan Society
  • 2018 Won 2 x Nourish awards a) Best snack / b) highly commended innovation
  • 2018 Secured a ‘highly commended savoury snack at the prestigious Q Awards
  • 2019 Won Best Savoury Snack at Women’s Health Awards
  • 2019 Won 2 stars at Great Taste awards (‘Rosemary & Hemp’)

It’s been a rollercoaster of a journey since we first launched back in 2016. As an outsider to the food & drink fraternity, we’ve learnt so much and despite a number of inevitable setbacks have been able to progress and evolve whilst staying true to our core values. 

 With health and wellbeing sitting at the heart of today’s modern foodie priorities, I feel confident that Pep & Lekker can make a tasty & positive contribution to people’s lives.”

Susan Gafsen, co-founder of Prep & Lekker

You can find out more about Pep & Lekker here.