Maison De Choup Launches New ‘Reaching Out’ Tee

A woman wearing the new 'Reaching out' t-shirt. The t-shirt features hands, of varying colours, in a circle.

Maison de Choup launches new ‘Reaching Out’ tee, highlighting that poor mental health is non-discriminatory, and that reaching out to someone is the most important part of recovery.

Maison De Choup is the brainchild of George Hodgson, which he started in 2014 after a crippling period of mental illness that nearly ruined his life. He suffered from severe anxiety which prevented him from leaving the house, causing him to drop out of education, and made his day to day life extremely difficult.

With support from friends, family and his therapist, George gradually turned things around and used his artistic talent to set up Maison de Choup — an online designer fashion label. 

George is quite open about his illness and he believes it is important that mental illness is talked about. Through Maison de Choup, George supports the YoungMinds charity and, from June, he began working for them as a paid helper.

YoungMinds is the UK’s leading charity committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people. 

They provide information, advice and support through their online resources; a free helpline, for parents and carers; training, for professionals; campaigning; projects with young people and they do work in schools.

Maison de Choup’s new ‘Reaching Out’ tee, in collaboration with Hermione McNamara, one of their ‘Young Creatives’, aims to help spread awareness that anyone can be affected by mental health issues, and that reaching out is the most important step in recovery.

A woman and a man wearing the new 'Reaching out' t-shirt

“Designed by young creative Hermione McNamara, the focus of our latest tee was on reaching out, and the importance of having a community around you. One of Maison de Choup’s strengths is the subtlety of our designs and Hermione wanted to carry this on. Reaching out to others and being vulnerable can be intimidating, but creating a safe and supportive community helps to protect our mental health.

George Hodgson, founder of Maison de Choup

The MDC ‘Young Creatives’ project is encouraging young people to tell their story through design, while also giving them a platform to showcase their work and a stepping stone to kick start their career.

This is the third of many upcoming launches, for ‘Young Creatives’. Abi Lewer and Abbi Hopper have already had success with their designs from the MDC Young Creatives project.

“I’m feeling incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to sell my face masks as a young creative on a fashion brand website. As a recent fashion graduate from @fashiondmu I have been rejected from many creative jobs (most of which were entry or graduate level) due to not having enough experience. After slowly feeling like giving up, George came to the rescue and has given me an incredible opportunity to be a part of the Young Creative collaboration within his business which will lead to so many more exciting things.

Abi Lewer, a user of the MDC Young Creatives platform

You can find out more about Maison De Choup here.