How Hunter & Gather Is Game Changing the Food Industry

3 jars of Hunter and Gather mayonnaise, surrounded by avocado.

Hunter & Gather is a dynamic, award-winning business run by two committed U30 founders to promote Optimal Health & Wellness.

Launched in 2018, this paleo/keto-centric food business began its journey championing 100% cold-pressed, avocado-oil-based products from cast aside ‘wonky’ fruit. Hunter & Gather champions honest, tasty food that’s free from ‘lazy’ sugars, grains and inflammatory fats.

Hunter & Gather’s growing range also includes an egg-free Mayocado, an MCT oil, collagen peptides and three organ-orientated nutritional support supplements (heart, liver and liver + wild herbs) – made from free-range/grass-fed Icelandic lamb. Each sub-range is built on the same robust paleo/keto foundations.  

All of their products are made using natural recipes, with a small number of best-in-class ingredients that met the needs of today’s increasingly vocal and well-informed food minorities.   

Avocados are undoubtedly the ‘poster child’ fruit of the UK healthy food movement — improving cholesterol, lowering cardiovascular risk, are high in oleic acid and bristling with beneficial folates, vitamins and monounsaturated fats (the heart healthy kind). 

Unlike their closest peers that use avocado/seed blends, Hunter & Gather is committed to 100% avocado, following a growing body of evidence which suggests that highly processed seed oils are a major contributor to inflammatory health issues.   

Longevity and sustainability are central concerns for Hunter & Gather.

From the start, they were insistent on advancing a mutually beneficial partnership with a conscientious farmer’s co-operative in Kenya, as opposed to taking the easy path of aligning with a faceless, intensive farming monolith.

This long-term friendship ensures that Hunter & Gather only use ‘wonky’ avocados that would otherwise be discarded by short-sighted supermarkets, because of their outward appearance, despite the inner oils being perfectly acceptable.

Ancestral food practices are built around ‘nose to tail’ sustainable eating, a less wasteful and more responsible philosophy, which utilises the ‘whole animal,’ instead of the modern behaviour of wastefully cherry-picking prime cuts. It’s estimated that 40% of all the potentially human edible food we produce is wasted that way.

As with many of the best ideas, the business was driven by the personal experiences faced by the two founders, Amy and Jeff, which helps explain the relentless and dynamic nature of this constantly evolving business. 

Amy had been a long-suffering coeliac for 25 years, first diagnosed at a time when medical knowledge and tasty, gluten-free food alternatives were in short supply. She has a first-hand understanding of the debilitating impact that a nation’s unhealthy obsession with cheap ‘filler’ grains can have on an individual’s health and happiness.

Jeff, Amy’s work/life partner, has also suffered from his own poor diet ‘food demons’ (eczema, asthma, severe acne) and had come to the same decision that a conventional diet of higher carbohydrates, poor quality fats and excessive sugars were all contributing to his poor health and wellness.

During his time at university, Jeff stumbled across the paleo, keto and real food lifestyles that were starting to gain traction across the pond. Jeff began adapting his diet and in no time his acne, asthma and constant hunger pangs subsided. 

“Hunter & Gather is an Optimal Health and Wellness brand that we (myself and my partner Jeff) Co-founded in 2017 due to a lack of clean-deck products available in the UK that suited both our lifestyle requirements as well as my food intolerances. We are very excited for the future as Keto, Paleo and Low carb lifestyles are starting to gain mainstream traction – these lifestyles encourage a diet which is refined sugar, seed oil and grain-free which we believe will help the nation improve their health.

Amy Moring, Co-Founder of Hunter an Gather

Hunter & Gather enjoys an enviable assortment of stocking retailers, which includes: Amazon, Ocado, Wholefood, Holland & Barrett and a wealth of discerning food halls, delis and independent health food wholesalers.

You can find out more about Hunter & Gather here.

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