Rebellyous Foods Revolutionises Plant-Based Chicken Products

A plastic tray of food, including nuggets and vegetables.

Founded in 2017, Rebellyous Foods is revolutionising food by creating delicious, juicy, and affordable, plant-based chicken products. 

Founded by a former Boeing engineer, Christie Lagally, the brand is addressing the bottlenecks to manufacturing plant-based meat by designing novel manufacturing equipment and facilities specifically for plant-based protein. 

Their goal? plant-based meat for ‘the rest of us.’ They’ve already been featured in Forbes, Seattle Magazine, TechCrunch, Vox, the New York Post, and many other national publications.

Christie Lagally spent much of her career in the aerospace industry, working on commercial airplanes and spacecraft, across the design, manufacturing and testing stages. She also served as the project manager on a $10M R&D effort for the 777X wing manufacturing unit at Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

She also worked as a Senior Scientist for the Good Food Institute, uncovering the technical barriers in the development of plant-based meat and clean meat (i.e. cultured meat). 

She started Rebellyous after realising that the plant-based meat industry was being held back as a solution for climate change, and other social harms, due to the small scope of the industry.  

The US meat industry produces nearly 49 billion kg (108 billion pounds) of meat, while the plant-based meat industry is only around 0.2% of that.

The lack of production of plant-based meat products is one of the reasons this industry isn’t making a measurable impact on climate change.  

Rebellyous’ ‘Kickin’ Nuggets’ are vegan with no cholesterol, antibiotics, or hormones, less saturated fat and sodium than chicken nuggets, and meet the USDA standards for the National School Lunch Program. 

Rebellyous Foods have recently announced that they are partnering with San Ramon Valley Unified School District to bring their protein-rich plant-based nuggets to the school lunch program.

While classes at SRVUSD will be conducted online for the fall, SRVUSD’s Director of Child Nutrition and Warehouse, Miguel Villarreal, is committed to serving eco-friendly products, like Rebellyous’ nuggets, in spite of the current challenges. The nuggets will be packaged and sent home for families to prepare and enjoy. 

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“Providing our schoolkids healthier options that are good for the planet shouldn’t be hard. In fact, it should be the standard, said Villarreal. “We’re excited to partner with Rebellyous to bring these options to students in our community.

Miguel Villarreal, Director of Child Nutrition and Warehouse at SRVUSD

Every day, in school cafeterias across the US, foodservice teams are asked to do the impossible. With limited resources, schools are tasked with serving extremely inexpensive, but delicious and nutritionally complete, meals to picky students. 

The Kickin’ Nugget is just as easy to prepare as its chicken-based counterpart and offers many nutritional benefits of plant-based protein.  

“We’re thrilled to work with SRVUSD to be the first school district in the nation to offer the Rebellyous Kickin’ Nugget.

Together we’re raising the bar for cafeteria food, one lunch tray at a time.

Christie Lagally, CEO and founder of Rebellyous Foods

Another huge success story for the brand is the announcement of their nuggets launching in select Seattle grocers next week. With busy parents looking for quick, easy, and delicious meals to serve their families, now marks the perfect time to offer the nuggets for in-home preparation.

“Kids love our nuggets because they’re delicious. Parents love them because they’re more nutritious than their animal-based counterparts and they’re simple to prepare.

Since day one, fans have been asking where they can purchase our nuggets to enjoy at home and we’re thrilled to offer this opportunity for them to do so, while staying true to our mission of offering plant-based meat for all by starting with affordable family-sized packs.

Christie Lagally, founder and CEO of Rebellyous Foods

Rebellyous also plans to launch additional products and expand its presence in West Coast retailers in 2020.

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