Simply Seedz: Healthy, Microwaveable Porridges

A selection of Simply Seedz porridge pots.

Simply Seedz is a Midlands-based company that actively champions mixing healthy eating with convenience. Their porridge recipes contain up to 5 natural ingredients. 

At the heart of Simply Seedz’s is a commitment to nutrient-rich rolled oats, instead of the cheaper pulverised oat ‘dust,’ used by so many of their peers on account of its’ cheaper price and unfounded claims of ‘faster cooking’ times.

Simply Seedz refuses to add salt or sugar-laden milk powder, meaning that their range offers real consumer choice over how you eat their porridge — water, cow’s milk, soy milk or something else.

Their ‘simply plain’ porridge contains only 0.1g of sugar per 100g, whilst their leading rival’s plain porridge has 14.7g per 100g. The only significant sugars you’ll find in Simply Seedz porridges come from their mouthwatering fruit blends — blends of apricots, cranberries and dates.

Earlier this year, Dr Clare Bailey from the Mail on Sunday, said that the Breakfast Pot got her vote because of its nutritional qualities over and above competing mass produced porridges.

Cathryn Zielinski, Founder of Simply Seedz

The idea of Simply Seedz came from Founder, Cathryn Zielinski creating her own healthy breakfasts and snacks, following a personal health scare (a pulmonary embolism from a long-haul flight). Because of the limited choice of truly healthy products in the supermarket, she started making porridge, muesli and toasting seeds for her family. 

After being made redundant, and not knowing how long it was going to take to secure a new job, Simply Seedz began as a kitchen table project to ‘prevent the grey matter getting greyer.’

The seed of an idea that kept growing saw her appear on Dragon’s Den, which provided a massive confidence boost. Unfortunately, she didn’t succeed in securing a dragon on that occasion.

“We’re a business founded on transparency and less-is-more thinking, which is why you’ll never find more than 5 best-in-class ingredients in our recipe decks and nothing unpronounceable that sounds as if it might have been born within a test-tube. We had a lot of dairy-free consumers asking us in the early days if we’d not include a powdered milk within our recipes, since this allowed consumers to have the final say as to whether they stuck with cow’s milk or opted for water or one of the growing number of equally appealing nut or oat milk alternatives. I have always been passionate about healthy eating and get frustrated when I see a product on a supermarket shelf purporting to be healthy with its kaleidoscope design packs and confident back-of-pack banter you’ll soon discover from the ingredient nutritionals that it’s not everything it purports to be!

Cathryn Zielinski, Founder of Simply Seedz

Simply Seedz is sold in Coop Midlands, Ocado and many small retailers across the UK, with their products packaged in sustainable/recyclable packaging.

You can find out more about Simply Seedz here.