100% Plastic-free Chewing Gum? Yes Please, With Chewsy

There is finally an eco-friendlier alternative to relentlessly masticating, without having to bite into plastic, and that’s Chewsy – the first and only UK brand to sell natural, plastic-free chewing gum.

Chewsy’s founder, Sunitt started to suffer from headaches after chewing gum. He decided to investigate what gum is made of and he was shocked to see a long list of artificial ingredients.

Yes – when you chew gum, you’re chewing on plastic!

Hidden in the term “gum base,” it contains up to 70 petrochemicals, and almost nobody knows about it. In fact, research reveals that 85 per cent of Brits don’t realise that chewing gum contains plastic inside it.

“I absolutely detest the mess that discarded plastic chewing gum creates on our streets…. For decades, regular gum makers have hidden their plastic ingredients behind the ‘gum base’ which is consistently used as an ingredient on pack,” said Chewsy’s Founder, Sunitt Halai.

The decision to launch the chewing gum range forms part of a growing demand for chemical-free and sugar-free products that will appease the consumer. More and more consumers are beginning to reduce their single-use plastic consumption, and this has encouraged many UK supermarkets to pledge to go ‘plastic-free’ in their food packaging.

“Chewsy uses the original, natural gum base of chicle and is fully biodegradable. We are delighted to make it available to the UK so that consumers can have a real choice about what they are consuming and the impact they make on the environment,” said Sunitt.

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Around 60 per cent of those surveyed use chewing gum, and of those who do, around two thirds said they would prefer a gum which isn’t made from plastic ingredients. More than three quarters of gum buyers said they would think twice about buying regular chewing gum again in the future, based on this new information.

The survey also found that 85 per cent of participants think that brands have a ‘responsibility’ to make it clearer what ingredients their products contain.

Nine in 10 are worried about the damage being done to the environment by plastic, and three quarters said that they have actively attempted to cut down the amount of products they purchase that contain, or are packaged in plastic.

Chewsy is available in stores across the country for £1.39 for a pack of 10, in Peppermint, Spearmint, Lemon and Cinnamon flavor. The natural gum is without sugar, aspartame, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavours, preservatives, and most importantly, is gum-base free.

Chewsy is already sold in 14 countries and can be found in the UK in Planet Organic, Grape Tree, Urban Outfitters, Sostrene Grenes and many more independent stores.

You can find out more about Chewsy here.