Get A ‘Pawfect’ Regime For Your Pooch With Pawfect Foods

1 in 4 dogs are now deemed ‘clinically obese,’ and in today’s ‘lock-down’ era, spiralling veterinary bills are the last thing anybody needs.

The next product to make waves in the ‘healthier-living’ pet food market is Pawfect Foods’ ‘Nature’s Munch,’ a plant-based dog treat that uses freeze-dried slithers of human-grade fruit and veg.

The composition has been proved to help tackle a wealth of regularly recurring dog dilemmas caused by the overt acidity of a heavyweight meat-dense diet, namely the inflammation of key organs (liver, pancreas, and kidneys).

The ‘Nature’s Munch’ collection consists of apple, coconut, mango, pineapple, pumpkin and sweet potato variants and in Autumn 2020, the brand will also be launching a range of cheesy biscuits with 60% authentic Himalayan cheese. 

Pawfect Foods responds to a blossoming demand for the new wave of dynamic/health-conscious pet foods and treats that target those discerning pet parents who want their dog’s eating regimes to mirror their own health conscious lives.

As a flowering British business, with a brand new, top grade production facility in the Himalayas, Pawfect Foods already exports to 10 European markets including: Italy, Scandinavia, Germany, Poland, Luxembourg, Portugal, France and Switzerland.

Founder Prash Patwardhan’s business already made a name for itself in 2019 by winning the ‘Best Product Innovation’ for its hero range of authentic Himalayan Cheese Treats, and lockdown has had an unlikely impact on the healthy pooch treat’s demand.

Prash Patwardhan said:

“Lockdown has seen a significant rise in everyday snacking either as a go-to comfort food or a healthy, ‘permissible’ treat. Our 2020-21 priority is to extend our GB home market beyond online/independent pet shops and into the major supermarkets who are now realising the opportunity provided by a more open-minded pet food fixture.

You can find out more about Pawfect Foods here.