Purition – A Beautifully Balanced 30-Second Meal (In A Glass)

Purition is all about rethinking food, creating a well-balanced range of honest, naturally-nutritious, small meals to support your daily, ‘optimal health’ ambitions. 

Purition is low in sugar and starchy carbs, whilst still high in protein, fibre and quality fats from seeds and nuts. It’s a wholesome and nutritious ‘small meal’ that can be assembled in 30 seconds, enabling health-conscious consumers to eat better.

Simply put, Purition is taking a stand for ‘real’ food and healthier living ambitions. 

Their natural nutrition comes from wholefood ingredients that reaches out to anyone that has been historically hoodwinked by ill-conceived ‘diet plans’, ‘diet clubs’ or ‘diet shakes.’

For Edward Taylor, Purition’s Co-Founder, the thinking behind Purition was simple:

“We were fat and unfit foodies aged 40 trying to lose weight and get fit, we came across the low-carb high fat community that advocated only real natural whole foods and exercise but we couldn’t be doing with all the meal prep, special shopping, cooking and cleaning to eat 3 home cooked meals a day and any ‘short cut’ meal replacements we investigated simply weren’t made of any real food.”

Not only does the brand offer a quick nutritious alternative, but Edward ensures that his company only showcases a certain ingredient integrity, with the majority of its best-in-class ingredients from the UK and from European sources (85% UK, with ingredients such as golden linseed, chia and whey protein).

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Purition’s ingredient decks are the very antithesis of so-called ‘meal replacements’ that are little more than dubious test tube blends of chemically synthesised supplements.

The brand is so popular that it’s growing its UK presence throughout Holland & Barrett, Amazon PLUS, Boots, Selfridges, Wholefoods and a nationwide network of independent health food wholesalers.

To date, Purition delivered over 70,000 high-in-protein and low carb meals that help families meet their daily, healthier living ambitions, but one of their paramount commitments – aside from their customer’s health, is the planet’s. 

Purition uses foods that have been minimally processed at their eco-friendly Shropshire facility. ‘Minimally processed’ in Purition terms means that the company insists on washing, chopping and grinding all of their ingredients in house.

Their state-of-the-art facility has the 2nd highest environmental rating available, and can produce as little as 150 pouches of a single flavour (keeping wastage to an absolute minimum), and in February 2020, removed all its plastic scoops from its packaging, saving 16 cubic metres of unnecessary plastic.

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