‘Britain Loves Baking’ Launches Small Baking Boxes

Small bread baking box

Britain Loves Baking was launched by seasoned food entrepreneurs who experienced a rapid decline in their hospitality businesses, in Australia and in the UK, because of the Covid 19 pandemic.

They quickly re-engineered their business, and created meal and grocery boxes, in Australia, and baking boxes, in the UK, delivering them straight to their customers’ doorsteps.

Since May, they’ve already sold over 1000 baking boxes and have helped prepare approximately 80,000 portions to date. Each box has 3 to 4 recipes, all with quality dry and ambient ingredients, including oils and coconut butter. The packaging is simple and functional, so the focus is all about the baking. 

Over the coming month, Britain Loves Baking will also be launching a new range of Kids Baking Boxes to help teach children the wonderful art of baking.

Their mission is to ‘arm the nation with basic baking skills and provide affordable baking’, with the aim of making baking accessible to everyone — from the experienced home baker, to the millions of new bakers who have taken up baking during lockdown.

They aim to give inspiration to millions who want to develop their skills or to parents who want to teach the next generation of young bakers.

Britain Loves Baking also have a YouTube channel, where you can watch their ‘Bake Along with Libby’ lessons, from the company’s very talented social media baker. Each week she creates content that inspires a love of positive and mindful baking.

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The business was founded by Greg Wixted, the ‘Chief Baking Officer’, who is a trained baker and chef. He opened his first restaurant at the age of 23, which he grew to a chain of 3, and sold by the time he turned 26.

In 2010, he later founded Xpert, a London-based creative innovation agency and has developed new ideas for clients including; Orange, Diageo, Tesco, DFE, Mars, Sanrio, Sky, Dell, Hearst, Hachette, Famous Grouse, Zahid Group, Lexis Nexis, Bakkavor, Starbucks and Amex to name a few.

“We believe this interactive approach to baking will appeal to bakers of all ages. The interactive videos can be viewed on any device, streamed or downloaded, making all the content much more accessible. Our mission is to put people and our purpose first, and we are happy to invest in providing free baking lessons to the nation so people can just bake what they want when they want.

Greg Wixted, Founder and ‘Chief Baking Offer’ at Britain Loves Baking

The nation’s home of baking boxes has also teamed up with the nation’s favourite pre made cocktail company and will be launching Macaroons & Martinis and Cupcakes and Cocktails Boxes just in time for Christmas as part of a whole range of new Christmas lines in the coming weeks.

You can find out more about Britain Loves Baking here.