Tame & Wild Launches New Gift Pack Ahead of ‘Sober October’

Tame & Wild gift bag

Tame & Wild Drinks are launching some new gift packs – providing customers with a new way to try non-alcoholic sparkling drinks, ahead of ‘Sober October.’

A new gift packs contain 4x 275ml bottles, of each available product/flavour, and are perfect as a non-alcoholic drink option for those looking to cut back on their alcohol intake during the month of October.

Flavours include Strawberry and Lime Flower, Rhubarb and Elderberry, Blueberry & Dandelion and Damson & Rosehip.

“A lot of us are practicing ‘mindful drinking’ and limiting or moderating our alcohol intake. Just because we’re not drinking alcohol doesn’t mean we don’t want something delicious and special and our new gift pack will provide another way for customers to purchase and enjoy our drinks. They’re the perfect option for those looking for a healthier, delicate and British-sourced natural drink for an alternative to alcohol, at any occasion.

Annabel Makin-Jones, founder of Tame & Wild Drinks

Tame & Wild was crafted in 2019 as a natural alternative to alcoholic drink options by English fruit farmer and beekeeper, Annabel Makin-Jones. 

Annabel was inspired by a desire to create an alternative to alcoholic options that was more sophisticated and celebratory than what is currently available.

The delicate drinks are made in the heart of Yorkshire using English fruits and botanicals that are blended together in a sophisticated sparkling drink. The delicious flavours are all natural, with no nasties and contain less than 5g of sugar. There is also less than 30 calories in a bottle. 

The drinks all include a little something extra too – inspired by English fields, hedgerows and gardens, they contain beneficial properties from certain fruit and herbs. Lavender is calming, rose is great for the skin and lime flowers can ease anxiety – all ingredients found in Tame & Wild.  

The product also has a low carbon footprint and helps towards eliminating food waste on Annabel’s family farm. Wonky strawberries from the farm are used in the drink and the bottles, labels and caps are recyclable and are also made in Yorkshire, near the farm.  

Annabel Makin-Jones is a fifth generation Yorkshire farmer, wife, and mother of two, dedicated to producing the best Great Britain has to offer. She’s run her family farm, near Leeds, for the last 16 years and, with over 1,200 acres of arable land, she also takes charge of 1,800 tonnes of strawberries a year. 

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Annabel also recently launched her own brand of strawberries – Annabel’s Deliciously British – which was born when Annabel established a clear gap in the market for a high quality, socially responsible brand in 2019. 

She studied Agri-Food and business studies at Harper Adams University, graduating in 2004 and has been working within the family business since. She is passionate about farming, the food industry and the countryside and was involved with various farming enterprises throughout her younger years, from lambing to grading potatoes. 

Since launching in October 2019, Tame & Wild has secured listings with Diverse Fine Food, Wellocks and the fine food distributor, Cress Co. Annabel Makin-Jones and Tame & Wild will be featured on BBC’s Countryfile on the 11th of October.

In addition to this, Great Taste, the world’s most trusted food and drink awards, awarded Tame & Wild with a 1-star Great Taste award, which means that judges dubbed the brand a drink that delivers fantastic flavour for its Rhubarb Elderberry Rose, Strawberry Cucumber Lime Flower and Damson Rosehip Passionflower drinks.

Tame & Wild has also just been awarded Best Sparkling Non-Alcohol Drinks Brand in Northern England by LUX Life in its 5th Annual Food & Drink Awards.

Tame & Wild Drinks will be donating 10% of every item purchased on their website to Macmillan Cancer Support for Sober October.

“I’m thrilled to launch our new gift pack in time for Sober October this year. Macmillan Cancer Support is a charity close to our hearts that has helped our family in the past and I’m glad that we can do our part to support this great cause. Throughout the month of October, we’ll donate 10% of every item purchased on our website to Macmillan Cancer Support so they can continue to help people who need it most.

Annabel Makin-Jones, founder of Tame & Wild Drinks

You can find out more about Tame & Wild here.