Danish Brand, Copenhagen Grooming, To Take On UK Beards

Copenhagen Grooming is a Danish male grooming brand that now operates in the UK. Their product range helps to boost male beard growth, and moisturise the face and beard, whilst helping men to tame their unruly facial fuzz.

The brand introduced the world’s first Beard Growth Kit, a unique 3-step process to boost beard growth within 150 days.

Copenhagen Grooming has now launched a new, UK wide product, The Beard Care Kit. Launched last month, The Beard Care Kit ensures men can keep their beard in its best shape yet.

The Activator serum ‘activates’ the facial hairs and boosts beard growth. Their Beard Roller maximises serum absorption and stimulates ‘sleeping follicles’, by creating microscopic channels driven into the skin, which encourages a natural regeneration process.

Using a regular shampoo on facial hair can be damaging to a beard as it relies on natural oils to keep it from drying out. The 8AM Splash, with natural active ingredients, is a mild wash designed for beards — leaving all beards in perfect balance. 

With a satisfying foam texture, it brings a ‘foam explosion’ from the very first pump. Soft on skin, it leaves beards soft and volumized, with a lemony fresh citrus scent. Packed with Provitamin B5, it helps regenerate, moisturise and protect skin and beards, all day long.

With the majority of businesses still working from home, Brits are continuing to let their facial hair grow out, with nearly half of men (49.2%) saying that they have tried to grow a beard in the past few months.

Copenhagen Grooming is now on track to increase its turnover drastically as the demand for their beard focused products continues to rise dramatically. The brand is on track to see a 300% increase on their turnover from 2019 by the end of 2020.

The beard grooming specialist brand is now considering to get a foothold in the UK market by opening a flagship store in London. 

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Copenhagen Grooming was the brainchild of Simon Kristiansen, Kaare Munch, Simon Bang, and Emil Reeh who started the business in 2018, when the co-founders saw a gap in the market for a brand that would help men to cultivate and maintain great looking beards.

After a year of research, whilst working in conjunction with leading cosmetic experts in Denmark, the team launched the world’s first beard growth kit.

Following their sustained success in Denmark, Germany and the United States, Copenhagen Grooming saw that the UK was fast becoming a success story in its own right, with 20% of global orders coming from the UK.

“At the heart of it we want to be able to help men grow a beard and empower them regardless of the starting point of their beard journey. We’re all about diversity, rethinking the definition of masculinity and having an eye-level approach to everything we do. We want to become a household name for guys everywhere, so when they think of grooming – they automatically think of us.

Operating solely as an e-business, during the recent lockdown we saw our overall revenue and sales figures increase considerably across the board. The UK is our fastest growing market and as such we have big ambitions to grow our presence and increase our physical interaction with our audience and community.

Like many companies, 2020 has been an unprecedented period and a challenging time, but we’ve also been excited to move forward with several new investments in the UK, including hiring a new UK based comms agency to represent us in the market.

Simon Bang, Co-founder of Copenhagen Grooming

The brand has sold over 100,000 beard growth kits globally.

You can find out more about Copenhagen Grooming here.