The End Of Single Use Moving Boxes As We Know It

BoxMyStuff promises to make moving easier, faster and more environmentally friendly, with their ready-to-go reusable alternative to cardboard packing boxes.

BoxMyStuff, the brainchild of James Kendall, delivers ready-to-use boxes, complete with labels, to your door. You then pack, move and the company picks the boxes up from your new home.

The eco-friendly moving boxes are made from recycled plastic and are can be reused 100’s of times. They are stackable, nestable and won’t get squashed during the move, making moving easier and faster than using traditional cardboard moving boxes.

They operate within a 20-mile radius of their Fareham base, covering areas around Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester and Petersfield, with plans to expand in the future.

“The idea for BoxMyStuff came about when my same-day courier business ‘Kendall Couriers’ which specialises in B2B deliveries eased up because of COVID-19. I needed to diversify to continue to grow the business and this seemed a perfect solution. Apart from making moving easier and faster for our customers – they are in fact 4 x faster to pack than cardboard – the best part is, is that it is a sustainable business! It’s a no-brainer really, the boxes make your life easier when you move and you get to save the planet at the same time.”

James Kendall, Founder of BoxMyStuff

The boxes are perfect for home and office moves, or even for temporary storage whilst you have building work done, and they come with flexible hire. You can place an order at any time and change or extend your hire dates if you need to.

So where did it all start?

Not knowing exactly what he wanted to do with his life, other than a mere thought of working for himself, James spent most of his earlier working years in catering.

He then trained as a manager for Domino’s Pizza but, deep down, he always wanted to work for himself.

After a few years, he got involved in an independent pizza delivery business, which he ran for a number of years. When that closed, he got his HGV licence, which he used for a few years, before getting back into the pizza business in 2009. 

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James then started ‘Kendall Couriers’ in July 2019.

The company operates as a same-day courier for businesses that need their goods collected and taken directly to where they need to go, anywhere in the UK. This is achieved through their network of approved owner drivers, meaning that they can usually collect within an hour for urgent, short notice deliveries.

He initially got into the same-day courier business in 2016, when he invested in a franchise. After 18 months, he was becoming increasingly unhappy with how they operated and he agreed his exit. A year later, he was free to set up on his own, which is when he launched ‘Kendall Couriers’. 

He quickly began to see some of his old customers move over, because of the service he had given them before, and the business started to take off.

It was at the beginning of 2020 when he employed the services of a lead generation company to help grow even further.

Half way into the plan, the virus started to take hold and sales started to drop off. When the UK went into lock-down, the work dried up as his existing customers, as well as the ones they were targeting, all closed up or were also struggled to get work.

It was during this time, with nothing else to do, that he started thinking about how to diversify, which was when he had the idea for BoxMyStuff. And so far, the innovative idea has been a success.

We congratulate James on diversifying and bouncing back through COVID, and for coming up with a more sustainable way to move house.

You can find out more about BoxMyStuff here.