Karl Lagerfeld’s Cat, Choupette – Collaborates With LucyBalu

Munich based start up brand, LucyBalu – a stylish cat interior furniture company, is launching in the UK, in collaboration with the world’s most famous cat, Karl Lagerfeld’s Choupette. 

LucyBalu provides cat furniture that compliments your living style in muted tones and high quality materials. The brand’s products satisfy the need for cats to climb, scratch, relax and sleep in a safe environment.

Bucking the trend of low quality cat furniture – made with cheap inferior materials that need constant replacing, instead, LucyBalu uses high quality, natural materials such as wool-felt for animal wellbeing. 

All products are developed in collaboration with veterinarians and are made with strength and endurance to last a cat’s entire life.

“We are convinced that cat furniture can enrich our home, and we believe that clear design vocabulary paired with high quality are the key to do so. Because our living environment can only come off in the way we want it to if cat furniture visually blends in with our home,” said Sebastian Frank, co-founder of LucyBalu.

Founded in July 2019, LucyBalu says ‘Servus’ (Bavarian for ‘Goodbye’) to ordinary cat furniture, made of cheap, harmful materials. They produce sustainable high-quality products by working with local partners.

Prior to launching the brand, co-Founder, Mathias Wahrenberger – a digital strategist, and his family used to visit the animal shelter, time and again. 

He quickly noticed that many visitors were impressed by the beautiful cat furniture and many wanted to buy it and take it home. He knew then that those products should not be reserved for the animal shelter. Mathias could not let go of the idea of designing cat furniture. 

What began as a “crazy idea” between Mathias and his friend Sebastian Frank, increasingly evolved into a full business model, whose core is developing sensible and beautiful high-quality cat furniture. The pair went to the notary public in July 2019 and founded LucyBalu GmbH.

Playing detectives, the LucyBalu founders, Sebastian Frank and Dr. Mathias Wahrenberger, were able to locate Karl Lagerfeld’s famous cat in Paris and sent her one of their stylish products. 

“We sent our cat hammock to Choupette’s agent in Paris as a gift. Some time after that we received a message saying that our SWING was Choupette’s new favorite place. This was the moment in which our dream of collaborating with Karl Lagerfeld’s cat became reality,” said Mathias Wahrenberger, co-founder of LucyBalu.

With a limited run of 1,000 pieces, the stylish LucyBalu x Choupette SWING is a wall mounted, wool-felt hammock that fits in with modern interior style, while respecting Karl Lagerfeld’s and Choupette’s style code. Looking stunning in every home, it’s a great piece of furniture for cats to relax and sleep on.

The comfortable lying surface is made of natural, heat-retaining, and smell-absorbing wool felt.

Beautiful, simple, powder-coated metal makes up the SWING’s base, which can be wall mounted. The SWING is 65 cm wide, 35 cm deep, and 10 cm tall, and is suitable for cats of up to 15 kg. 

You can find out more about LucyBalu here, and Choupette here.