FabLittleBag: The Tampon Revolution. No More Flushing!

“I invented FabLittleBag from an awkward experience when there was no bin in the downstairs toilet at a dinner party, so I had to smuggle my wrapped up tampon into my handbag at the dinner table and it ruined my evening,” said Martha Silcott, the CEO of FabLittleBag.

FabLittleBag launched in November 2015 and, thankfully, those days are now over.

FabLittleBag is an innovative, patented sanitary disposal bag that is disrupting the feminine hygiene market. The bag is biodegradable, opaque, seals firmly closed and is designed to be opened with one hand, for ease of use. This allows for easy, hygienic and confident disposal, wherever you find yourself.

Martha Silcott applied for the patent for FabLittleBag in 2006 and waited 7 years for it to be granted. She left the security of corporate life behind her and focused on making her idea into a reality. 

The brand switched from B2C to B2B, by partnering with PHS Group, an international Hotel distributor. Sadly, as COVID hit, B2B sales and opportunities stopped overnight so the brand had to refocus back on consumer sales. This lead them to launch on Boots.com.

With 2.5 million tampons, 1.4 million pads and 700,000 pantyliners flushed down UK toilets, each day, there is clearly something wrong. More than 27,000 tampons and applicators were collected from beaches by the Ocean Conservatory in a single day!

“Talking about periods is thankfully becoming easier but disposal of period products remains a major environmental hazard. We are either ‘Flushers’ or ‘Binners’ of disposable period products both of which have major issues. Flushing adds to fatbergs and pollutes our rivers, oceans and beaches, and binning them can be messy and unhygienic,” said Martha Silcott, CEO of FabLittleBag.

The company has a huge focus on sustainability. Their bags are biodegradable and, from this October onwards, will be made from plants and recycled materials, adding further to their sustainable low carbon credentials.

“Many of us are unaware of the damage being caused by our disposal. FabLittleBag changes this behaviour and gives a simple answer to an age-old problem for anyone who menstruates.”

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Those who have become ‘Fabbers’ are excited to discover an option that doesn’t involve using up half a tree in loo roll, means no more handbag smuggling, and allows them to dispose of pads and tampons, easily, hygienically and discreetly wherever they are,” said Martha Silcott, CEO of FabLittleBag.

Martha started out as an IFA, fresh from Uni, and built a successful portfolio of clients, before moving into the world of financial services data. She helped develop the Unclaimed Assets Register, at Experian, which reunites people with their lost money, held by Insurance companies.

She was then headhunted to do a similar service for Capita, followed by relationship director and account manager roles at Punter Southall and a data company.

She has also developed other channels for similar bags to address the lack of dignity and ease of disposal in other areas such as condoms and various medical conditions

England rugby and now Cricket, and Team England took FabLittleBags to the Commonwealth games and Team GB are taking them to Tokyo.

You can find out more about them here.