Honest Baby Food Brand, Little Tummy Announces New Meals

Two new meals have been added to baby food brand, Little Tummy’s range, expanding their delicious offering – with Nerve Strengthener and My First Breakfast.

The new meals come in spinach, sweet potato and chickpea flavour for Nerve Strengthener, and millet, apple yoghurt, and cinnamon for My First Breakfast.

Little Tummy came onto baby’s plates back in 2018 thanks to Paediatrician Dr Sophie Niedermaier-Patramani and Nadine Hellman, in response to the increasing demand for high quality, but convenient baby meal options. 

In the last few months of lockdown, their sales went through the roof as more families started to rely on Little Tummy deliveries, and the business recording a staggering 158% growth compared to last year, as well as securing an endorsement and investment from Supermodel and mother of five, Natalia Vodianova, aka Supernova.

Little Tummy is the first baby food brand in the UK to use HPP – a cold pressure method preserving essential vitamins, taste and texture, the opposite to other commercial brands which are heat-processed to gain a shelf-life of two years. The product(s) contains half the amount of fruit sugar compared to other brands. 

Co-founder Dr Sophie is so passionate about cherub dietary, that she develops all the recipes – disrupting the market by removing the hassle of making homemade baby food by offering fresh, paediatrician-developed meals,

Commenting on her business journey so far, Co-Founder Nadine Hellmann said:

“Sadly there has long been a gap for high quality, fresh and nutritious foods, that also tick the convenience box. We know that many parents turn to batch cooking at home for their young children, as the commercial options are unappealing to them – this can be a huge stress at a time that many are also returning to work. 

Little Tummy is the first UK baby food brand that will actually deliver on both nutrition and convenience.

Little Tummy’s delicious range is available for order via https://littletummy.co, offering:

1. Gut Booster: Blueberry, Quinoa & Greek Yoghurt

2. Nerve Strengthener: Spinach, Sweet Potato & Chickpea

3. Brain Food: Chickpea, Cauliflower & Kale

4. Muscle Meals: Sweet Potato, Mango & Red Lentil

5. My First Breakfast: Millet, Apple, Yoghurt & Cinnamon

6. Green Fingers: Kale, Apple & Quinoa

And the company provides a weekly subscription, ensuring those busy parents and health-conscious parents a great meal for their little ones daily.