Protein Rebel Launches Insect And Plant Protein Powders

Protein Rebel is spearheading all-natural and planet-friendly proteins, with its’ cricket and plant-based protein powders, revolutionising sports supplements and weight-loss shakes. 

The innovative brand has launched three quirky new powders:

  • Reload (£28.95 for 19 servings) – cricket and plant-based, this powder is great for building and repairing muscle mass;
  • Recover (£23.95 for 13 servings) – a high protein and high carbohydrate vegan sports nutrition powder for post-workout recovery;
  • And Replace (£28.95 for 17 servings) – a vegan meal and snack replacement protein powder for slimming down and toning up.

And as an additional treat, the three are also available in dark chocolate and banana flavours.

Research has shown that plants and crickets are high in protein, and are very nutritious. They’re rich in protein and essential amino acids, high in iron and vitamin B12, and are packed full of prebiotic fibre making them great for the gut. 

Insects have also been found to be good sources of zinc, copper, magnesium and manganese.

And Protein Rebel founder, Tim Boote, can proudly say that his new protein powder “tastes great while retaining all their nutritional properties’ without giving consumers ‘that bloated feeling associated with whey, as crickets contain a natural prebiotic, this gives the gut a healthy boost.

With 100% natural protein, Protein Rebel contains no synthetic ingredients, whey or micronutrient blends.

Having worked initially in interim marketing for food and drink brands, founder Tim first conceived the idea of sustainable and 100% natural protein products back in April 2019. 

Protein Rebel was soon born, bringing together Tim’s passion for the environment and his love of keeping fit.

Having eaten insects in Africa and realising that they tasted great, and were full of nutrients, Tim is keen to normalise the eating of alternative proteins, such as insects.

He is committed to creating products that not only taste great, but are also good for the body, gentle on the gut and kind to the planet.

You can find out more about Protein Rebel here.

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