Celebrate Vegan Day With Nudie Snacks

Celebrate Vegan Day on the 1st of November with some of Britain’s best-selling, plant-based products, from Nudie Snacks.

The brand – with a cheeky name and a growing range, aims to provide a healthy and tasty alternative to potato snacks, which are often full of artificial flavouring and preservatives.

The founder, Tracey, originally worked in property sales before investing in a company that, at the time, was developing a new and innovative soft drink — coconut water. She doesn’t like fizzy drinks and could see the potential in building a brand with a new drinks’ product.

Tracey and her business partner at the time could see that there was a real lack of tasty plant-based snacks on the market. They wanted to develop a range that was functional, but more importantly – tasted amazing compared to other less health-conscious snacks.

And so, Nudie Snacks was born. The aim was simple: nothing hidden and nothing added — just pure, unadulterated deliciousness.

It took about eight months to develop their first product, coconut chips, which has since won two Great Taste awards. The process saw them going back and forth, with different variations and flavourings, to get them just right. Tracey and her team worked with tasting panels to fine tune the texture and taste of the products.

The brand recently launched a new range of cauliflower crisps made from wonky veg, including 40% real cauliflower that would otherwise have been discarded. These new sustainable products took two years to get just right.

High in fibre and protein and low in sugar, healthy vegan bites from Nudie Snacks have no additives, which all adds up to smart snacking.

The latest additions to the range includes Quinoa Chips, Hummus Chips, Lentil Curls and brand new Cauliflower Crisps, all made in Scotland and, again, from wonky veg to reduce food waste.

There are also roasted pulses and protein balls, popcorn and coconut chips, all available in innovative bold flavours, like: katsu curry, tomato and garlic, cheese and caramelised onion, and chilli and lime, using sustainable plant-based ingredients.

Figures from the Vegan Society show the number of vegans in Britain quadrupled between 2014 and 2019. They also showed that one in five Brits would consider going vegan.

“We have seen a huge rise is consumers who are keen to switch from traditional potato crisps to healthier snacks that are plant based and leave them fuller for longer. They demand smarter choices.

Our eating habits have completely changed in recent years as our diet shifts from meat to plant-based products – and this is firmly a lifestyle choice,” said Tracey Hogarth, founder of Nudie Snacks

Nudie Snacks is available to buy in Asda, Primark, Holland & Barrett, Whole Foods Market and independent retailers across the UK.

Alternatively, you can buy multi-packs directly from their website.