Vegan Collagen, By Independent Beauty Brand, Raw Beauty Lab

Vegan Collagen by independent beauty brand, Raw Beauty Lab is the UK’s much loved 100% natural skin formula that firms and smooths skin, as well as boosting overall wellness and energy.

It combines powerful anti-ageing antioxidants from the whole-food matrix and supports wellness at the cellular level with pure plant-based ingredients.

Its blend of pure plant-based ingredients includes:

  • Pink pitaya, revered for its skin firming properties, 
  • Camu camu berries, to help restore radiance,
  • And baobab fruit, which is rich in antioxidants. 

Raw Beauty Lab has built a steady-growing (and loyal) customer base, successfully launching a beauty brand with strong ethical principles and a vision that has remained from initial concept through to today.

Launched by entrepreneur couple Jared and Sonia, they spent two years in development to create a 100% natural supplement that harnesses the wholefood matrix that is completely free of toxins, sweeteners, artificial ingredients and shelf-life extenders of any kind.

Sonia explains herself and husband Jared sought to create a product without artificial colours, fillers, additives, as well as no natural ‘flavours’ (which are artificially made) or added sweeteners (or fruit extracts which can have untested health impacts).’

Sonia’s goal was to create a product that delivered results ‘without taking ‘synthetic’ short cuts.’

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In 2008, she was 1st runner-up for Miss World Australia and throughout her time in the competition, she became increasingly concerned by many of the dubious practices of the beauty industry – from products that simply didn’t work to products laced with unpronounceable chemical names and questionable health effects. 

Holding a major in pharmacology from her bachelor degree at the University of Sydney, she realised the importance of education in helping consumers to make informed choices about the type of products they expose themselves too and how to help consumers interpret ingredient labels.

Herself and husband Jared both graduated from Oxford University with MBAs and sought to couple their business education with their passion for health and wellness through the development of a beauty supplement that sought to deliver benefits that were more than skin deep – to support healthy ageing and overall wellness. 

The brand essence is to focus firmly on people and the planet with the goal to shift the conversation away from skin-deep beauty to look beyond the surface and celebrate products that also support energy and wellness without compromise.

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