Measure And Track Your Running Performance With INCUS Wearable Fitness Tracker

INCUS Performance – a brand who manufactures wearable fitness trackers, has released a wireless update that measures your running performance, called INCUS Nova.

The update will provide access to detailed performance metrics such as running power, cadence, pace, take-off acceleration and landing deceleration, alongside the extensive range of data obtainable from a swimming stroke, all in order to monitor your fitness and running efficiency.

The INCUS Nova is a small wearable device, worn in compatible apparel at the top of the spine – that measures detailed performance statistics for automated feedback to improve technique and performance. 

Originally developed for the analysis of swimming, the device has now been updated with Phase 1 of INCUS CLOUD Run, and will extend to cycling metrics in the future. The INCUS Nova will be available to buy in single-sport bundles from just £199.99, and the NEW Swim Run bundle from £299.99.

The bundle will come with everything needed to start using the device: including relevant INCUS-enabled apparel, the INCUS Nova device, a charging cable and a reference guide.

This update will provide unique and detailed insights into how your body reacts to training, and can provide feedback after every session – for example “when X happens at the end of a run, Y increases” or, “over the last 6 months, your running power has increased X% in Y heart rate zone.”

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INCUS Performance was founded in 2016 by Chris Ruddock, who wants to see INCUS as a ‘leading performance analytics brand’ and he aims to make the entire experience of INCUS Nova as ‘seamless, elegant, and exciting across the board.’ 

INCUS has also received official endorsement from double Olympic Champion Alistair Brownlee, who joined as a strategic advisor and who invested in the company.

‘Through many years spent competing as a professional athlete, I’m more aware than most of the importance of carefully monitoring training load to reach peak performance,’ said Alistair.

He added: ‘I believe the feedback that the INCUS NOVA can provide, will be a game changer for those seeking to train and race at their best; with unrivalled insights and data at their fingertips, enabling them to get the very most out of each and every training session.’

You can find out more about INCUS here.