Ambitions Snacks: Healthy ‘On the Go’ Protein Pasta

Check out this exciting new healthy protein pasta range from Ambitions Snacks – a high-protein, low-in-fat pasta product for ‘on the go’ lunch, created by professional rugby players (and brothers).

Ambitious Snacks is excited to bring a bowl of hot pasta to its customers to fight back the incoming winter cold and rain. All you have to do is add a splash of boiling water. 

These new snacks will be launching with three flavours: tomato, chicken and beef – each for just £1.99. They only contain 155 calories.

The former rugby playing brothers, Charlie Simpson-Daniel and James Simpson-Daniel have launched the brands with a host of other international rugby stars including Rugby Player Dan Norton and British explorer, Levison Wood.

Built in 2019 on a desire to produce the most natural, delicious and ambitious snacking on the go, Charlie Simpson-Daniel and James Simpson-Daniel came up with the idea – and months later, after many taste tests, the company was born. 

‘As a huge fan of the instant pasta snacking industry, I found what was on offer was low quality and nutritionally sparse,’ said co-founder Charlie. 

‘Ambitions Snacks will successfully bring the health movement to the instant pasta snacking space, and we can’t wait to see the products being consumed in homes, at the office, or during those outdoor adventures!’ added Charlie enthusiastically.

With decades of sporting and nutritional experience between them, the small-knit team have worked tirelessly to create a product that’s not only good for you, but tastes great, and is kind to mother nature too, as all Ambitious Snacks are made with 100% recyclable packaging.

You can find out more here.