Killa Vanilla, the Scented Stick Dedicated to Controlling Sugar Cravings

Killa Vanilla, a new science-proved scented stick, is dedicated to putting people back in control of their sugar cravings, using natural food-based scents.

Founders Chris and Dom came across the idea for Killa Vanilla in 2018, when they were working with a grant-funded research programme developing olfactory devices for the medical industry.

At the time, they were both training to compete in the British Rowing Indoor Championships. 

Dom needed to lose 8kg in 16 weeks, and was desperate for a solution to help curb his intense sweet tooth.

He decided to create his own experiment to help avoid consuming excess and indulgent sugar. He approached some of his contacts to get the ingredients to build a prototype of what was to become Killa Vanilla. 

The prototype had an immediate success and had significant change to his eating habits, and after helping friends and family control their excess sugar consumption to reach weight goals, deal with concerns of type II diabetes, and lead healthier lifestyles, they decided to launch Killa Vanilla with Chris.

‘Using scent to control cravings is such a novel idea, most people have never heard of it’, commented co-founder Dom.

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Killa Vanilla stick costs a modest £9.99, and is made from natural food-grade ingredients.

All one needs to do is unscrew the cap, smell the scent several times over a two minute period, and voila! 

Not only is the product scientifically proven and backed by independent peer-reviewed research, but it is vegan, calorie free, drug free and without harmful chemicals. 

Its purpose is to suppress sugar craving by tricking the brain into thinking it has had sugary treats, but it does not seek to suppress appetite. It is recommended to change sticks every month, for hygiene reasons.

Co-founder Dom explains how his business adapted online: When we first launched we were almost entirely focussed on exhibitions and trade shows. Since then we’ve pivoted to online and our monthly sales have grown x4’.

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