Sharpen Your Blunt Tweezers With Tweezerfile

Tweezerfile is an award-winning, innovative new beauty product that allows you to sharpen your old blunt tweezers and bring them back to life.

Tweezerfile is the perfect gift for the beauty conscious and the eco-minded. The small pocket-sized beauty file allows you to bring your favourite tweezers back to life. No need to throw them away and buy a new pair. 

How does it work?

Hold your tweezers with the blades together (as though you were grasping a hair), then slide the tweezer up and down the Tweezerfile, gently applying equal pressure on the top and bottom blade. After a few strokes, your tweezers will be back to their old glory, gripping even the shortest hair!

Founder Lucy says: ‘We googled how to sharpen tweezers and found several million hits and countless magazine articles dedicated to sharpening old/blunt tweezers. We searched and searched for something we could use day-to-day and there was nothing.’

Tweezerfile comes in two beautiful colours: coral and petrol blue, and is sold on Amazon and directly on from £19.99. 

Founder Lucy Zender created Tweezerfile together with her husband Wolfgang, over a year ago. She originally trained as a lawyer before moving into the finance and business sector, whilst Wolfgang runs his own design consultancy. 

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Together, the proactive couple juggle the competing demands of two full time jobs and their two children.

Lucy explains how Tweezerfile came to mind: ‘I found myself before a night out obsessing over a short air which I couldn’t remove with a pair of fairly old tweezers.’

Then lightning struck: ‘I would have given up, binned them and bought a new pair the next day but Wolfgang was watching me throughout wondering what I was doing. The idea that I might throw something out which was made of steel was an alien concept to him. His initial thought was ‘well if you can sharpen knives…’ When someone puts it to you like that, there is an obvious light bulb moment.’

Having already won the The Beauty Awards 2019, the Global Makeup Awards 2019 (Silver), and the Pure Beauty Awards London 2019 (Bronze), now Tweezerfile is planning to launch a new colour palette next year, as part of their next release to coincide with moving all their production to Europe.

You can find out more here.