OH MY LASH: Protective Cases For Eyelashes

OH MY LASH presents (during this gloomy lockdown-time) – colourful eyelashes with a reusable case that protects your lashes from getting damaged.

Offering 26 lines, OH MY LASH is on a mission to bring lash-lovers an extra fabulous wink, with each set of lashes starting from just £6.00, and with all of their products being against animal cruelty, and all cases – fully recyclable.

Founded in 2018, OH MY LASH was started by Natalie Cairns’ brain – who believed that there was something missing down the lash aisles in store.

‘The lashes didn’t scream out to me and the packaging was all the same,’ said Natalie.

‘I created OH MY LASH to give customers a fun brand that had a luxury feel to it at an affordable price,’ added Natalie. 

Natalie came up with the reusable case idea, as every time she would wear eyelashes, they would go missing, solely because she had nowhere to put them.

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Natalie now proudly says: ‘It helps so many people save money when storing and protecting the eyelashes. Being a beauty lover myself, I wanted to make the change and I do believe it has helped so many people in the beauty industry.’

Prior to OH MY LASH, Natalie studied Hair and Beauty at Reading College, worked for beauty salons, and learnt as much as possible about the industry and learnt about what people liked and what they didn’t like.

When she launched the brand, it snowballed onto major websites such as Pretty Little Thing, Boohoo, Missguided or Westfield, with a product collaboration with Missguided and the creation of an exclusive line for Pretty Little Thing. 

OH MY LASH was also a finalist in the 2020 PURE BEAUTY AWARDS, lining up in the top 10 brands for ‘BEST NEW EYE PRODUCT’.

You can find out more about them here.