The House of Curls Launches Innovative Yo-Yo Inspired Curling Device

The House of Curls has launched the Curlyo Hair Curler, a curling device that is less damaging on your hair, and was influenced by the design of a yo-yo.

The Curlyo hair curling device is an invention by Gary Sunderland, the founder of The House of Curls.  He is an experienced salon owner and professional stylist with over 30 years of experience, and is based in Leeds.  

Gary was a finalist for the British Hairdressing Awards for two years running in 2006-2007, is a regular international judge for the North American Hairdressing Awards and is a seasoned educator at industry events.  

He has always been passionate about styling with curls, but was never satisfied with the traditional wands, straighteners and tongs on the market.  They typically use direct high heat to create a curl and are damaging and dehydrating for hair and can even strip colour.  

Over five years ago, Gary opened a Christmas cracker and inside was a yo-yo.  He observed the design of yo-yo, with the string always wrapping with rotational force as you half turn naturally to wind it around the yo-yo core.  

With the support of his development team this unusual concept was used to create the Curlyo hair curler. 

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The silicon Curlyos hold the hair in the desired place whilst the Curlyo Styler heats over the hair at a less harsh heat, of 100 degrees. The results are glossy hydrated curls that last and healthy hair as the heat damage is minimal.  

The Curlyo is effective at retaining moisture using its Moisture Wave technology and is suitable for all hair types from Asian hair to naturally curly or coarse textured hair.  

The Curlyo founder Gary Sunderland says, “The Curlyo is a gamer change for those who want the freedom to create lasting curls, without damaging the hair. Its ability to care for the hair, re-infuse the hair moisture, and create truly lasting curls surpasses all traditional methods of curl styling.

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