Eco-Friendly Deodorant Brand, ‘Wild’ Brings Limited Edition Scent of Toffee Apple

This year, aluminium-free deodorant brand, Wild is dialling up the treat factor with a unique new limited edition scent – Toffee Apple. 

Eco-friendly, 100% effective and aesthetically pleasing – the new Toffee Apple scent combines rich apple tones with a hint of seasonal spice. A scent with many layers, this is the perfect warm fragrance for those cooler nights.

Wild offers not only a one-off purchase, but also a a renewable subscription: 

  • Subscribe & Save: £12 (1 case and 1 refill + join their flexible subscription)  
  • One Off Purchase: £25 (1 case and three refills of your choice)
  • The Full Monty: £32 (1 case and five refills of your choice)

Their unique refills are plastic-free and compostable, are single-use and plastic-free, and their holders are made with durable aluminium – along with post-consumer recycled plastic details and are designed to last a lifetime.

The refills are made using bamboo pulp. Once you have your Wild case, you won’t ever have to think about buying a plastic deodorant ever again.

Upcoming launches for late 2020 will include three new fragrances, which polled well with the Wild community: Lavender Haze, Cotton Breeze and the current autumnal Toffee Apple. Plus, a new line of magnesium based, bicarbonate free deodorants formulated for sensitive skin is also on the way. 

Wild products are both vegan-friendly and free from nasties such as aluminium salts, parabens and phthalates. 

Posted straight to your door, Wild’s cases are available in aqua, coral, purple and silver. Their scents have already welcomed Orange Zest, Coconut Dreams, Rose Blush, Mint Fresh and Bergamot Rituals. Created from essential oils, the deodorant uses a range of natural ingredients.

Freddy Ward, Co-founder of Wild proudly says: ‘Whilst a typical plastic deodorant pack has a lifespan of more than 400 years, a Wild refill will fully compost within 6 months and biodegrade within 12, leaving no trace whatsoever of what it once was.

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Wild was founded in 2019 by childhood friends, Freddy Ward and Charlie Bowes-Lyon who are an experienced team based in London but originally born and bred in Scotland. Their range of refillable deodorants are the first of their kind to be 100% compostable and biodegradable. 

Ward has first-hand experience of consumer concerns over excess packaging, scrutiny of ingredients and transparent supply chains from his time as Marketing Director at Hello Fresh, whilst Bowes-Lyon achieved considerable commercial success with a previous venture, Climate Cups – a collection of reusable water bottles and drinking cups.

Ward’s experience at HelloFresh led to key insights into consumer trends; 

“Firstly, there was this sudden change in consumer perception about the wastage and packaging of everyday products they’re using in the home, and the impact that’s having on the environment. 

He adds: ‘It went from being not even noticeable or mentioned – to being a massive issue. In fact, one of the largest we faced as an organisation within six months.’

Wild has sold a quarter of a million deodorants since launching in April 2020, with 100,000 customers to date, as its products are developed via consumer driven innovation and are the highest rated natural deodorant in the UK on TrustPilot.

You can find out more about Wild here.