Lycofertilic: Targeted Daily Supplements For Fertility Support

CaDi has released LycofertilicTM – a high potency, targeted supplement with algae DHA Omega-3, to provide anti-ageing support for the ovarian reserve, and to prepare for egg retrieval and IVF.

CaDi (or Cambridge Diagnostic Imaging) is a medical research company. They create nutraceutical products for immunity, fertility, cognitive functions, gut and general health support.  

The founders of CaDi are CEO Alex Shulepov, who has worked as an investor in different industries, and Chief of Science Dr. Ivan Petyaev (CEO of Lycotec Ltd), both of whom have experience in different roles across Biotechnology.  

LycofertilicTM products have been launched to help the 28 million women around the world who encounter fertility problems every year.  

CEO Alex Shulepov says:

“This is a serious problem which we decided to help to address by launching these new innovative technology-based products. As preparation for IVF is a critical period for the fertilisation process, it is of utmost importance that women receive health products with the highest quality ingredients such as algae DHA Omega-3, and of sustainable origin too.”

The ovarian reserve and egg quality of women decline with age and is depleted by stress, imbalance of diet and obesity. It is further deteriorated by inflammatory pathologies of the pelvic organs.  

LycofertilicTM has been developed by Lycotec, CaDi’s research and technology partner in Cambridge, UK. It is a patented complex of DHA Omega-3, Lutein and Zeaxanthin, which helps to offer anti-ageing support for the ovarian reserve in women throughout their fertility years. 

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It is very important to improve the quality of the egg in its preparation for retrieval and IVF. Lycofertilic™ Prime is an increased dose of this complex developed especially to boost this process.

Clinical trials demonstrated that 250 mg of Lycofertilic™ DHA Omega 3 are 10-16 times stronger than conventional Omega 3 supplement products and 4–5 times more powerful than Omega 3 pharmaceuticals.

This superiority translates into a much more efficient reduction in markers of inflammatory damage and to a boost in peripheral tissue oxygenation and respiration.

A combination of Lycofertilic™ products with a personalised CaDi AI-based algorithm recommendation provides additional superior efficacy over existing Omega 3. Both Lycofertilic™ products are safe, vegan and their active ingredients are GMO-free and approved for humans.

All CaDi products are based on personalisation questionnaires and AI-driven algorithms. This provides the most suitable dosage of active ingredients for each customer, which optimises and increases product efficacy and reduces overconsumption and cost.

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