Upgrade Your Dairy With Biotiful’s New Kefir Shots

Biotiful has released new flavours of Kefir shots to support your immunity.

Biotiful was founded in 2012 by Russian-born skater-turned-entrepreneur, Natasha Bowes. She set up the brand to fulfil her dream of introducing the cultured milk, Kefir to the UK.  

Prior to setting up Biotiful, Natasha worked for companies including KPMG and Barclays. When she moved to the UK for work, she found it hard to find a Kefir that lived up to the standard of what she used to drink every day and decided to do something about it.

Knowing first hand the benefits that Kefir (Turkish for ‘feel good’) provides, Natasha set up Biotiful Dairy to upgrade dairy with better nutrition, taste and quality. 

The business has had great success, and in 2017 won a Good Choice! Quality Food Award, a World Dairy Innovation Award in 2018 and was a finalist at the World Food Innovation Awards and The Grocer Gold Awards in 2018. They are also stocked in several well-known supermarkets.  

Kefir Shots are an easy way of supporting your immunity, with each bottle containing a natural source of vitamin B12, lots of protein and calcium and 30 billion active live cultures that help with gut health.  

The exciting shots come in three flavours: Original, Peach & Turmeric and Acerola Cherry & Tea.  They have no added sugar and are full of carefully selected functional ingredients. 

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As with the entire Biotiful range, the shots are made in Dorset, UK with locally sourced British Milk and all farms used are Red Tractor approved. 

The ancient fermentation method used originated in the Caucasus Mountains 2,000 years ago. As a result, Biotiful’s Kefir has a pure, refreshing taste and a silky smooth texture.  

Natasha Bowes, Founder, Biotiful, says:

“We’re absolutely delighted to be adding a ‘shot’ range to our Kefir offering, making it easier than ever to enjoy the healthy goodness of Biotiful Kefir, every day. We know that there has been an explosion of demand for products that support your immunity this year, so these new ‘shots’ not only taste incredible, but offer a quick and convenient way to support immunity naturally.”

Kefir Shots 100ml are available now from: 

  • Sainsbury’s (100ml, £1, 4 pack £2.95) Peach & Turmeric and Original 
  • Waitrose (4 pack £2.95) Acerola Cherry & Tea and Original 
  • Morrisons (4 pack £2.95) Acerola Cherry & Tea and Original 

Find out more: https://biotifuldairy.com

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