NimNik Seeks to Enhance Toddler’s Creativity With Wooden Cutting Fruit Set

NimNik is now offering a new, wooden, cutting-fruit set to foster toddler’s imagination and creativity.

Already featured on Gramersi with their innovative baby carrier, NimNik now seeks to upgrade toddler’s creativity by allowing them to play pretend games with their wooden cutting fruit set. 

The wooden fruit set comes with 6 vibrant coloured fruits: Watermelon, Kiwi, Banana, Apple, Pear, and Orange – and can be sliced apart with a wooden knife and a chopping board especially designed for little hands.

The fruit segments are joined together with velcro spots, and make a satisfying realistic crunchy sound.

We know that kids generally copy what they observe. They are more interested in doing things which would sometimes be considered not safe for them, but the NimNik fruit set adds more excitement and curiosity for them to become their own little chef.

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The product set nourishes and develops fine motor skills, cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination, sorting, and grouping skills.

NimNik’s fruit set can be a thoughtful birthday and festive gift for your kid, and is suitable for age ranges of 1 year and above.

The set is sturdy and durable, is beautifully crafted with smooth edges, and is made with premium quality hardwood only, as no MDF and plastic are used – a great alternative to the rest of mainstream toys filled with harmful chemicals and toxins.

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