Meet ‘The Savourists,’ And Their Snack(s) Revolution

The Savourists aims to revolutionise the UK snacking industry, with their Black Olive & Nori Seaweed, and Sundried Tomato & Herb bars.

If you’re sick of the snacking sugar rush and your taste buds are crying out for something more satisfying, then say hello to The Savourists – a brand new duo of deliciously daring savoury snack bars. 

With their first two bars in the range, Black Olive & Nori Seaweed, and Sundried Tomato & Herb bars – both launching nationwide this month, The Savourist designed  a pair of snacks for people with a more savoury state of mind. 

Packed with ancient grains, such as puffed quinoa, puffed amaranth and sunflower seeds, they are full of fibre and plant based protein.

The gluten-free grains are coupled with either tangy sundried tomato or rich, salty black olives and nori seaweed, resulting in flavours which are bold, layered, deep and oozing with umami. And with no added sugar, they are a far cry from today’s standard snack bar selection. 

The Savourists’ bars are available in Sainsbury’s stores nationwide, along with Whole Foods and Planet Organic.

The brand was set up by Founder, Harry Turpin in 2020, to deliver on his mission to shake up the snacking aisle.

Prior to launching The Savourists, Harry spent five years at Cawston Press where he started his career in food and drink. He began in field sales with a backpack full of cans, securing small London independents and sampling in store.

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As an early employee, Harry quickly grew with the business and went on to manage key national wholesalers, with his final position being International Sales Manager for various export markets. His lightbulb moment for The Savourists came when the sugar tax was introduced in 2016. 

Harry saw the significant impact this had on the Cawston Press business through price increases, product development and the effect on the supply chain.

This prompted him to consider other less affected categories, and he identified an opportunity to innovate and refresh the snacking category, developing a healthy product without compromising on taste or flavour.

For too long, sweet has dominated the snacking shelves, with hundreds of fruit and nut bars, often with misleading health messages and similar taste profiles,’ said founder Harry.

‘When you dig deeper into the nutritional content, some snack bars have as much as 17.7g of sugar per 35g, which is 50% of the entire bar! We want to evolve the category, that’s why we’ve created The Savourists brand,’ added Harry.

Now just 10 months in, The Savourists has secured its first nationwide supermarket listing with Sainsbury’s and is also available from Whole Foods, Planet Organic and a host of independents.

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