Get An Instant Shower With ‘SwetWipes’ Body-Cleaning Wet Wipes

Start-up, SwetWipes (first destined for sport-lovers) has adapted its’ product range after the coronavirus hit, to give everyone access to an instant shower.

Liz Barnes used to work in sales and as a Managing Director before founding SwetWipes in March 2020, as a side hustle whilst working full time as a medical rep.

She spotted a gap in the market for an an antibacterial body wipe for everyday use when a person couldn’t shower or bath quickly, or simply needed freshen up in between sweaty activity.

Initially, the body-cleansing wet wipes were meant for sport-lovers to use in between runs, or after cycling or a gym session, adapting to the sweaty context of not having quick access to a shower. And then COVID hit, and people were forced to stay home and had their shower at arms’ length.

Liz then bought enough stock for 18 month’s supply, which immediately sold out within 6 weeks as everyone was panic buying them on Amazon due to COVID. Thinking her luck was solid, she ordered more, convinced it would sell as quickly.

However, after the initial panic, hand sanitiser became widely available and the average consumer didn’t need extra large body wipes to clean their hands anymore, and with everyone working from home there were no sweaty sports people looking for body wipes either.

After some worrying weeks, she reflected on her target customers and instead focused on people that needed to use wipes all year around. And such a niche turned out to be the elderly, disabled and bed bound patients. Now her company is on track to do £250,000 turnover in its first year.

Adapting to current market conditions and looking for solutions to problems has been the key to our success,’ says founder Liz.

We have a completely customer-driven focus, engaging regularly with them and seeking both positive and negative feedback. In addition, we seek to surprise and delight our customers and I regularly send out hand written cards through the post to customers that email me. It’s these personal touches that set us apart from the huge multi-nationals’, explains Liz.

SwetWipes’ body-cleansing wipes are made from Plant Fibres (cellulose) and are therefore completely biodegradable. 

Each wipe is 30×20 cm, more than double the thickness of traditional wipes and is impregnated with a blend of antibacterial agents to neutralise the bacteria responsible for body odour.  

Unlike normal bed baths or baby wipes, they have a delicious scent of coconut, where one pack of 12 extra-large wipes costs £4.99, including free delivery. 

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