Enjoy A Low Calorie, Boozie Botanical Gin Alternative With Mooze

Born out of unfortunate circumstances created by the covid pandemic, booze startup, Mooze provides a moderate drinking and low calorie gin alternative, which sits at just 12%.

Mooze’s new, alternative gin is vegan, sugar and sweetener free, and comes in 6 flavours: Juniper, Cucumber, Coriander, Orange & Clementine Zest and Macadamia Nuts.

Not only is Mooze’s alternative gin just 12% strong (normal gin is 37.5%), but it also contains just 36 calories for a double, so if you fancy a cheeky Gin and Tonic with Mooze’s alternative, it includes the same calories as a chocolate pancake!

Mooze came to light because of the covid pandemic, and was set up by Mel Sims.

For 6 years, Mel owned an award-winning, and very popular under 5’s play centre and restaurant in Essex called The Nurture Barn. It was so popular, that people would drive for 90 minutes just to enjoy the experience.

Unfortunately, when covid struck in March this year (2020), Mel had to close the doors, and she put 8 of her staff on furlough. Sadly, by July, she was forced to make her entire team redundant. She didn’t see how the business could survive if it were to reopen, especially with a second lockdown looming, and so she decided to call it quits.

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During this period, understandably, Mel had noticed that her drinking levels had unhealthily increased from a glass of wine or 2 in the evening to a glass of wine and 2 x G&T’s, which meant 45 units a week in total, and approx – 600 calories a day.

With The Nurture Barn now closed, Mel decided to design a new gin that still tasted boozy with the right mouth feel, but with lower calories and lower units, which allowed her to drive if needed.

She eventually approached an award-winning distillery and a sustainable packaging company, and she designed the branding. The Cow symbolises nurturing and fertility – which pays tribute to her now closed The Nurture Barn.

We’d like to express our sincere apology on the closure of The Nurture Barn, congratulate Mel for turning such a negative experience into a positive one, and we’d like to wish Mel and Mooze the absolute best in their future success.

You can find out more on www.moozebooze.com