Get Your Daily Dose Of Vitamin D With A Vit Stix Low-Calorie Sachet

They provided 2.5 million vitamin drinks a month to the NHS during the pandemic. Bristol-based business, Stix Drinks is strong in the Vitamin D supplement game, and they’re taking things up a notch once again.

Stix Drink and their product, Vit Stix contributed to the health’s nation during the pandemic, providing over 2 million drinks per month to the NHS and the government, ensuring that staff and patients gained some much-need immunity boosting whilst keeping healthy and hydrated, of course.

Now, more than ever – vitamins are needed to support the body to strengthen our immune systems. Winter, known as ‘flu season,’ means there is a rise in people needing and wanting to keep themselves strong to protect them from unwanted viruses including coronavirus.   

Vit Stix comes into action with its single, low-calorie portion sachet that contains 50% of the recommended Vitamin D daily intake. Not only this, but they also contain other vitamins including: B5, 6, 12 and C and zinc – all of which improve cognitive and physical performance. 

Vit Stix are a favourite among customers as they mix instantly with no fizz and are full of flavour. You simply tear and pour a single sachet into 500ml of water and enjoy a tropical or berry drink full of your daily vitamins.  

Recent coverage of studies has shown that some patients with covid-19 have a deficiency in Vitamin D. Not only that, but elderly patients who’ve previously taken Vitamin D supplements are more likely to survive covid.   

Stix Drinks allows for vitamins to be taken easily and they also increases the amount of water you drink without even noticing. These products are suitable for all ages with a squash version available for children.  

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Stix was founded in 2012 by Chief Hydrator, Tom Anderson-Dixon, and they launched their first product, Squash Stix.  

Whilst on a placement year with Marks & Spencer, Tom noticed that staff members were bringing in bottles of squash, and taking them to the water cooler. Making a coffee with a jigger pot of milk, he commented: “we should put squash into these single portions to prevent people bringing in bottles,” and alas, the idea/brand was born. 

Squash Stix now supplied hospitals (for patients), hotel bedrooms as an alternative to tea and coffee, airlines and offices across the UK for employee hydration, and the addition of Vit Stix has grown the business into the retail sector. 

We’re really pleased to be supporting the government during these difficult times ensuring people are adequately hydrated with vitamins that boost their immunity. The exposure we have received has been phenomenal and we hope to continue this growth,’ says founder Tom, proudly.

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