TheTh3rdLevel: Planet-Friendly Garments And Work Experience For Young Adults With Disabilities

TheTh3rdLevel is a brand new fashion business dedicated to creating high-quality, ethically-produced, and planet-friendly garments, whilst running a mentorship scheme that creates real-life work experience for young adults with disabilities.

The company was set up by a group of creative people who worked together at Post19 – a day centre in Farnham for young adults with disabilities.  

The brand is the brainchild of Rob Power, who had previously taught in special educational needs schools for many years and he witnessed first-hand; the problems that families faced once their children reached adulthood.

The Post19 team saw on a daily basis that these young adults were incredibly talented, enthusiastic and eager to do more than they were given the opportunities to do, especially in the workplace in the current climate.

There is just such a limited access and availability for these young people to go into a real life work situation and gain the suitable supported bespoke training that they need in order to flourish,’ explains TheThr3dLevel team.

So when the opportunity arose for us to establish a small ethical fashion business, we  came up with the idea of creating it as a company that would think differently from the outset – company that would allow a creative environment for us to mentor young adults with disabilities as a central part of our company ethos.’

And so, TheTh3rdLevel was born.

All of their products are made from eco-friendly materials from sustainable sources. Super soft and comfortable, they appeal to all ages. And their packaging is also eco-friendly, compostable and reusable as well.

The brand officially launched in September 2020 after a delay from January due to Covid, and the team is entirely made up of professionals mentoring young people with disabilities. 

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Even during the set up of TheTh3rdLevel, some Post19 guests were invited to model for their products and work alongside the brand in all aspects of establishing the business.

Now, THeTh3rdLevel has partnered with the Eden Reforestation Project and donates monthly to this cause. Every purchase made means that they commit to a tree being planted – helping the planet, which is deep rooted within their company ethos.

Rob Power, TheTh3dLevel’s Managing Director – has been teaching in special needs environments for much of his adult life, and he saw the need for fulfilling, skill-enhancing opportunities for young adults to continue into after their official education was completed, and he formed Post19 to fill that gap in the community.

Rob has always had an interest in fashion, and being the father of three teenage boys, he knows London’s independent t-shirt shops inside out.

When the finally opportunity arose to create a small clothing company, he saw it as a chance to establish a THIRD level to the Post19 programme, where graduates of Post19 could partake in a positive, supported working life and gain the valuable experience that is so lacking in availability anywhere else. 

We’d like to congratulate TheTh3rdLevel on their fantastic work.

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