Rebelution: Vegan Handbags With A Clock Face Design

Upgrade your bag collection with a new range of vegan handbags and rucksacks with embedded clock faces from Rebelution.

Rebelution London designs, makes and sells eye-catching accessories that come with a striking, unique and hard-to-miss feature: clock faces. Made with a love for design with a unique edge, the bags are like nothing else you’ll find on the market.

All of Rebelution London’s products are professionally crafted using vegan-friendly leather, and they come in a range of different colours and styles.

The name “Rebelution” comes from the combination of “rebel” and “solution,” and reflects the idea of providing products with a quirkiness will appeal to a wide range of consumers.

Angie and James formed Rebelution over the summer of 2020, with the goal of bringing something unique, practical and unusual to the market. They used their experience and knowledge to make the business the best it can be.

Angie has a background in health and beauty, and has already started multiple successful businesses in both the UK and in Spain, where she initiated and set up various training academies.

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Her partner, James has gained an extensive background in finance with over 25 years working in the industry – as well as owning his own consultancy company. Wanting to do something different, he partnered up with Angie to form Rebelution London and is primarily behind the science aspect rather than the artistic side.

Soaring through the busy hive of the fashion industry, Rebelution is currently working on a giveaway competition with Marie Claire to share the words on their vegan bags.

Co-founder James says: ‘We have just increased our stock holding and have begun the social media interaction. The important thing was to have the website updated with the Rebelution branded bags and we are doing a photo-shoot with models next week.’

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