Teach Your Little One Good Manners With ‘Uh Oh Milo!’ Books And Gifts

Picture book series, ‘Uh Oh Milo!’ seeks to make learning good manners fun with their personalised books and gifts.

‘Uh Oh Milo!’ picture books by Kate Wogan,sees Milo, Mary and their magical Granny meet a series of cheeky mischief makers as they learn about good manners on their adventures.  

Now, another tale arrives into the collection with the Christmas eve tale of The Excited Elf, joining The Beastly Bogels, The Gobbling Goblins and The Impolite Imps- all available from a starting price of £6.99.

A Christmas card, wrapping paper, a children’s mug and stickers become part of the Uh Oh Milo! range, alongside a new hardback and giant 30cm x 30cm size versions of the new Christmas story.  

The book can also be personalised, with a special message printed inside the front cover. 

Uh Oh Milo! full range includes:

  • The Excited Elf books are now available in soft back or hardback in both regular or extra-large size.
  • Add a special touch with Uh Oh Milo! personalised wrapping paper and gift tags, a colourful and magical way to make presents even more fun.  
  • The perfect mug for little hands! A ‘big cup’ is even more magical when it has your name on it alongside the Uh Oh Milo! characters.
  • Personalised Uh Oh Milo! stickers are a must for mini-Milo fans everywhere!  Simply inform of the name you want to personalise on your sticker with alongside The Excited Elf, and they’ll create a set of these marvellous stickers.

Author Kate commented: “The Uh Oh Milo! stories are already proving popular and we hope that this new range of merchandise will help bring Milo, Mary, Granny and the Mischief Makers to life for little fans everywhere.  We’re already delivering manners direct to your door with our books and we’re really excited to be adding to the range, making the perfect presents for pre-schoolers everywhere.

Author Kate Wogan has two children and, although Milo and Mary are based on them, the Mischief Makers are inspired by stories told to her by her own magical Granny.  

When her children were small, Kate recognised that the only time she, her husband or indeed any other carer talked about manners and behaviours was usually in reaction to when one of them had ‘misbehaved’ – which meant that the conversation was usually of a negative or confrontational nature and the lesson was not learned but resisted. 

She suddenly understood why her Granny was always talking about various Mischief Makers around the house! 

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The aim of these stories is to allow a child to recognise behaviours (or an “Uh Oh!” moment) of the Mischief Makers and the consequences of that behaviour, enabling parents to discuss the issue in a fun and non-confrontational way.  

Written with guidance from a well-known child psychologist, each book is designed to help parents teach their little ones about manners and emotions whilst having fun.

Kate launched the first Uh Oh Milo! Book back in 2019, and three more followed later. The books are listed in Waterstones and have been named ‘Best Book for Toddlers’ by The Sun, and have just won awards with both UKMums.TV and Bizziebaby, all judged by mums.

But before creating the wonderful world of Milo, Kate spent many lost but interested years in property finance until the kids arrived. 

Despairing of the lack of choice (and dominance of the big brands) in the pre-school market, she finally followed her heart and founded her company, Twizzlewhizz Ltd, with the aim of providing parents with young children access to the wealth of amazing artistic and storytelling talent that exists but struggles to be represented within the traditional publishing and television market.

To that aim Twizzlewhizz is currently proud to be developing a number of pre-school animation projects showcasing new talent and original stories, however the Uh Oh Milo! series is closest to Kate’s heart.

To bring the stories to life Twizzlewhizz relies on a team of amazing Mum’s, including illustrator Helen Faulkener, to create a series of books designed to help bring parents and children together to enjoy reading, and learn about manners at the same time. 

The new merchandise and books are available from www.uhohmilo.com.