Pet Flaps UK: The Modern Electronic Door Motorised For Any Pet(s)

Pet Flaps UK allows users to control their motorised pet doors with a smartphone app for even the larger breeds.

John Carolan, a 65 year-old Founder – recognises that most people are thinking of retiring when they reach their mid-sixties, not starting a brand new business, but lockdown was just the catalyst he needed to turn that spare bedroom into a home office and realise his long-held ambitions. 

Starting with just a website, an old laptop and a trestle table propped up in the spare room, John now has 5 fitters installing pet flaps and dog doors all over the Northwest, London, the Home Counties, and the West Midlands, and as from next week onwards, he’ll be taking on 2 more tradespeople for customers in Leeds and West Yorkshire.

There’s much more expansion planned. I want to be offering our services supplying and installing our whole range of pet doors all over the UK by next summer,” added John enthusiastically.

Before making his own way into the pet business, he worked in the hospitality industry for over 40 years as a hotel, restaurant and entertainment venue manager, spending 20 years working in Spain, Portugal and in Southern India, before returning to the UK just a few years ago.

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Most of us think of a pet flap as a rattly piece of plastic on the bottom of the kitchen door. That’s certainly not the case when you look at Pet Flaps UK’s range. What makes Pet Flaps UK different from other businesses in the same field is their huge range of cat flaps and dog doors offered.

The company is a distributor for hand-made hardwood dog doors from Belgium, and hi-tech electronic pet doors from the USA, and Austrian manufacturer petWALK, the world’s finest engineered and designed pet doors. From the very first enquiry on 26th June 2020, the business has been growing rapidly.

To install a simple cat flap into a uPVC or wooden door, it can be as little as £149. A typical installation of a microchip operated cat flap into a glass patio door is around £400. At the other end of the scale the technologically advanced petWALK pet doors, with remote smartphone App controls, burglar alarm and security can be over £2,000. 

For more info visit the Pet Flaps UK website.