Re-gen8 Fights Anti-Ageing With Their New Range Of Supplements

A brand new company, Re-gen8, is stepping up to help fight the war against ageing by launching a range of innovative anti-ageing and sports supplements.

The three supplements that are currently included in their product range are made from NMN, Resveratrol, and collagen, and work by stimulating the body’s production of compound NAD+.

The production of NAD+ naturally deteriorates as the body ages, hence how Re-gen8 have been able to come to the rescue to improve endurance and strength, as well as decreasing the risk of diabetes and metabolic disorders. With NAD+ playing an important role in metabolism, these supplements are also fat burners.

Re-gen8 also sells a Resveratrol supplement, called Res-98, which is plant-based. Resveratrol is usually found in grapes, peanuts, and berries, and it has benefits including a reduced cancer risk, reduced joint pain, and lower blood pressure, and the known benefits of liquid collagen supplements include improved skin elasticity and bone density.

As regenerative therapies continue to be explored in more depth, CEO Chris Bainbridge is optimistic that Re-gen8 will enter into the world of stem cell and gene therapy in the future. 

The company predicts that these treatments are going to become commonplace in the coming decades, and Re-gen8 intends to become a major player in the business of cutting edge anti-ageing treatments. 

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CEO Chris Bainbridge believes: “We are now starting to live in a time where anti-ageing products actually help slow down the ageing process.”

Chris Bainbridge started the company in April 2020, with the aim of naturally combating the onset of ageing. He used to work mostly in mechanical engineering, and worked for a number of years in manufacturing, as well as previously being a promoter for a dance club called night Psychosis.

Throughout his working career he has always had a keen interest in the science of ageing and more importantly what can be done to stop it, which is where his motivation to create Re-gen8 sprouted from, in order to get involved in the fight against ageing.

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