Yumi Nutrition Fixes Your Vitamin D Levels With ‘Sunshine’ Chewable Gummy Supplements

With lots of people in the UK now suffering from low levels of vitamin D due to a lack of sunlight (especially during lockdowns), chewable supplement brand, Yumi Nutrition has launched a new vitamin D3 Sunshine chewable gummy supplement to put a lid on the problem.

Google Trend data shows that searches for vitamin D in the UK have more than doubled in comparison to this time last year as more and more people look for ways to support their immune system, not only to armour themselves against the cold winter months, but also against the covid pandemic.

The Yumi Sunshine supplement delivers a dose of 1000 IU of vitamin D3 via 2 gummies a day and comes in a lemon flavour. It contains a bioactive form of vitamin D (known as vitamin D3), and you do not need to take them with water – perfect for those who struggle to swallow supplements.

Amy Morris, a functional nutritionist at Yumi Nutrition, explains the importance of Vitamin D: “Optimal Vitamin D levels are needed for whole-body health, including helping to absorb calcium and phosphorus, ensuring the immune system functions normally and enabling correct growth and development of bones and teeth.

Alongside the vitamin D3 product, Yumi has also launched an Immunity Support supplement with 120mg of vitamin C to help further protect you against colds and viruses this winter. 

Arriving in an orange flavour, the gummies are an easy and enjoyable way to keep your vitamin C levels topped up.

Sebastien Vanderlinden is the co-founder and CEO of Yumi Nutrition. Having built Yumi from his one bedroom flat into a successful brand with products stocked in major retailers in the UK and the US, Sebastien has a passion for business and the health and wellness sector. 

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Sebastien started Yumi Nutrition with his two business partners in 2017 alongside a full-time job. The three of them had been friends for a couple of years and had lived together previously. They all had shared a passion for health and fitness, and they wanted to be able to play a part in improving public health.

And so, they conducted extensive research into the various products currently available in the health and wellness space and recognised that the demand for vitamins and supplements was growing year on year, but that for many people, taking traditional pills and capsules is an unpleasant experience.

They wanted to provide a solution to this problem by turning the process of taking supplements into an enjoyable experience.

CEO Sebastien Vanderlinden explains: “We’ve seen demand for chewable vitamins increase significantly this year as consumers are prioritising their health more than ever. We’re really pleased to adding our brand new vitamin D and vitamin C chewable gummies to our range to help our customers to stay fit and well this winter.

Find out more about Yumi here.