Wine And Cocktail Brand, ‘Sipful Drinks’ Launches Limited Edition Christmas Boxes

Premium canned wine and cocktail brand, Sipful Drinks has announced the launch of their limited-edition Christmas boxes available for delivery to cocktail lovers’ door(s).

Focused on authenticity and a balance for flavour using only natural ingredients, Sipful aims to meet the rapidly growing demands for premium, naturally-sourced, canned wines and cocktails following a frustration at the limited, existing market offering. 

And whilst it’s likely that Christmas will look a lot different this year, and that we might not have the chance to spend the time that we’re used to with our family and friends, show the cocktail lover in your life just how much they mean to you by sending a Sipful Christmas Box straight to their door!

Sipful Drinks has 3 exquisite boxes:

  1. Christmas Morning Selection Box – £16.50
  • 3x Orange Mimosas: a mixture of the Real Orange Mimosa – 100% real orange juice mixed with the carefully selected crisp bubbly white wine, and the Blood Orange Mimosa – 100% real blood orange juice mixed with crisp bubbly white wine.
  • 1x Doisy & Dam Chocolate Drops: dark chocolate drops covered in a crunchy sugar coating.
  • 1x Livias Chocolate Brownie Nugglets: squidgy chocolate centre coated in a Velvety chocolate.
  1. Christmas Bubbly Gift Box – £16.50
  • 3x Organic Bubbles: organic, elegant and balanced, this Arien White Wine was carefully selected for its light body, low acidity and subtle flavours. Delicate stone aromas are elevated by a gentle carbonation – organic bubbles in a can.
  • 1x Filberts Sea Salt and Herb Mixed Nuts: Mr Filbert’s Peanuts, Almonds and Cashews are hot air roasted and then tumbled with the finest Sea Salt, with Oregano and Basil to create a gourmet snack to delight the senses.
  1. Christmas Cocktails Gift Box £16.50
  • 1x Orange Mimosa: a real classic, the Real Orange Mimosa is 100% real orange juice mixed with the carefully selected crisp bubbly white wine. Crisp and refreshing!
  • 1x Blood Orange Mimosa: giving the Classic Mimosa a modern Sipful twist, the Real Blood Orange Mimosa is 100% real blood orange juice mixed with crisp bubbly white wine – sharp and sweet!
  • 1x Peach Bellini: expertly mixed using the crisp bubbly white wine with 100% natural peach juice – sweet and juicy!
  • 1x Ollys Olives Pouch: delicious juicy green Halkidiki olives marinated in a mouth-watering blend of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, zesty lemon and the perfect sprinkle of thyme.

Focused on authenticity and balance for flavour using only natural ingredients, Sipful Drinks’ range includes a Classic Mimosa, Blood Orange Mimosa and Peach Bellini – all made with real fruit, natural flavours and mixed with organic Spanish bubbly wine. The Arien white wine, from La Mancha in central Spain, is also available on its own.

The brand is the brainchild of husband and wife team Darius and Emily Darwell. They were inspired by their experiences of hiking, camping and wild swimming in the Lakes and Yorkshire Dales. 

Emily explained: ‘Whenever we set out on an adventure together, we’d usually pop a craft beer or two in the rucksack. I was always hoping to find an alternative that would be more easy-drinking but there just wasn’t anything that provided the quality and natural taste I was looking for.’

And after searching in vain for a ready-to-drink wine or cocktail which avoided the artificial, overly sweetened taste, Emily’s idea and Darius’s experience – who has been a professional brewer for 10 years, saw the Sipful journey begin.

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