Aqua Natural Triblend: ‘Aqua & Rock’s’ New, Sustainable Fashion Collection

Independent, sustainable fashion brand, Aqua & Rock decided from day one that they would dedicate time and effort into their research into sustainable fabrics and now Aqua Natural Triblend is the brand’s second very own sustainable fabric. 

Aqua & Rock now holds a fully sustainable fashion collection utilising a vast range of sustainable fabrics that are available to work with today. 

The new collection consists of organic cotton, hemp, recycled wool, recycled leather and their very own sustainable fabrics. 

Before launching the brand, Aqua & Rock developed their own sustainable fabric called ‘Aqua Triblend’, a mix of recycled plastic, organic cotton and upcycled clothing, providing a fabric that is extremely versatile, soft and strong. 

The brand has now developed another of their very own sustainable fabrics, this time called ‘Aqua Natural Triblend’, which is made up of all natural fabrics unlike Aqua Triblend that uses recycled plastic. 

Aqua Natural Triblend is made from 77% organic cotton, 15% hemp and 8% recycled wool. The fabric is extremely durable, breathable and strong. 

Organic Cotton is a more sustainable fabric to use than cotton. Organic cotton utilities rain water to grow rather than extracting water from the ground which can put pressure on water supplies for the local area.

Hemp is one of the best sustainable fabrics, which grows in the soil is known to be a fast growing plant and more versatile to where it grows. 

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Recycled wool goes through a sorting process where colours are blended together to reduce the need for extensive colouring. 

The ‘Aqua Natural Triblend’ has been used in Aqua & Rock’s newest collection. The matching ‘Isla’ sweatshirt and bottoms along with the matching ‘Bay of Blue’ sweatshirt and bottoms are soft, strong and highlights stunning shades of stone and blue.

Dea Baker is the mastermind behind Aqua & Rock creation back in February 2019. Currently in Scotland, Dea studied History of Art at London University and before starting her brand, she was a B2B banking marketing consultant.

Her knowledge in banking and B2B marketing helped her to build strong relationships with B2B retailers and a number of pieces on the Aqua & Rock website are inspired by historic painters which is where Dea’s love for Art history is present within the brand.

Dea took Aqua & Rock to her first B2B wholesaler event at Olympia London called Pure London back in July of 2019, and she has since launched Aqua & Rock in a New York luxury store, stores in Germany and Switzerland and the first sustainable British brand to launch in Australia.

Dea’s motto is simple : ‘One person can make a difference, together we can make a change.’

 Aqua & Rock ranges are available on their website.

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