Tipsy Tea: A Range Of Vibrant, Tea-Infused Liqueurs

Tipsy Tea is a range of tea-infused liqueurs, where each of their drinks combines tea, alcohol and natural flavourings to make a great-tasting, tea-based tipple.

Tipsy Tea is a family business, run by three members of the Bailey family. The trio came up with the idea after being presented with a liqueur coffee menu whilst out for dinner. As they mused about the lack of alcoholic tea, the idea for Tipsy Tea was formed.

Since then, they’ve worked with a wide range of distillers and flavour houses to create the final range which represents the bold, fun ethos of the brand.

Karnis Bailey, Managing Director at Tipsy Tea said: ‘after months of working on the drinks behind closed doors, we’re delighted to finally share the range. The initial feedback has been extremely positive and we’re looking forward to working with more stockists and expanding our reach‘. Indeed, after doing a test order in 2019, Tipsy Tea sold out and was picked up by a Swiss wine distributor – Provins. 

Tipsy Tea have released three flavours: Spiced Chai, Root Ginger and Pink Peppercorn, and they’re already working on more:

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  • Spiced Chai combines rich cinnamon, clove and cardamom with citrus notes.
  • Root Ginger contrasts seamlessly with hints of honey and a lemon finish.
  • Pink Peppercorn has a delicate pepperiness, perfectly balanced with succulent berries.

Just like traditional tea, Tipsy Tea can be served hot or iced. Just add hot water or sparkling water and ice to make your alcoholic tea. The option to serve Tipsy Tea hot – makes it a great winter drink and a refreshing alternative to mulled wine.

Tom, James and Karnis, Tipsy Tea’s founders, come from diverse background.

Prior to launching their tea-infused beverage. Karnis practised employment law for 10 years, whilst her husband Tom Bailey, also a lawyer, worked as a legal consultant for the last 6 years. Her brother-in-law, James Bailey, owns a music agency, supplying covers bands for events in the UK and Europe, and works as well as a voice over artist.

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