International Dressage Rider, Lara Edwards Launches Cathedral Equine (Equestrian Products)

International dressage rider, Lara Edwards knows only too well the importance of style, comfort, and durability when it comes to selecting equestrian products, and so she created her own range of quality products called Cathedral Equine.

Lara knows how affordability can often compromise quality, and after working with some of the most premium brands in the industry for over 20 years, Lara has used that inspiration to create her own range of high quality products designed for all disciplines, and all budgets.

Combining her knowledge of the equestrian sport with her business degree, Lara launched Cathedral Equine based in her home county of Lincolnshire.

Having invested considerable sums of money over many years in trying to find the right bridle, for the right discipline, but still at an affordable price, I decided to begin designing my own,” said Lara.

She added: “I felt it was time I took action to develop products for my horses that I truly believe in.

Her product range includes not only bridles, but also head collars, lead ropes, reins, browbands and much more. 

Regardless of what price range the product sits in, Lara’s extensive efforts to source the most suitable and reliable materials, including beautiful ranges of high quality leather, ensures it will be long-lasting and fit for purpose.

This is just the start, said Lara. ‘I am already in the redesign stage and always open to suggestions for how my products can be improved to suit all my customers. It’s essential that all the items I send out are effective and enhance the whole horse-riding experience.’

Lara is well versed in the business itself, as she has been successfully breeding her own high quality horses using her own KWPN approved stallions and mares from her yard in North Lincolnshire, and holding dressage clinics across the UK.

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Adapting to the Covid lockdown, she provided virtual lessons – not only to her regular clients, but going virtual meant that she was able to help new clients all over the country using WhatsApp video or Facetime.

Lara also offers Mind Coaching, working with riders of all ages and abilities and across all equestrian disciplines to lower their stress levels, increase their emotional resilience and deliver more relaxed, focused, and winning performances.

The professional rider has been riding since before she could walk, and was first long-listed for the GB Eventing Team in 1998.

She switched to pure Dressage in 2005, and she had her first GB call up in 2015 and has had many more since then on two different horses, produced from scratch by herself. These have resulted in numerous top 3 placings internationally, as well as 2 national titles, and 17 regional titles.

Lara adopts a very natural way of riding and training her horses brought about by her trainer, Rhett Bird.

Although she’s been developing the products for 2 years, the business was only launched officially with the website in November 2020.

To find out more about Cathedral Equestrian and all available products, visit her website here.